The CDC will issue a second reminder not to eat Big Olaf’s ice cream

SARASOTTA, Florida (WWSB) – The CDC has confirmed to ABC7 that it will issue another warning to dispose of any products made by Sarasota-based Big Olaf.

It comes on the heels of two court cases brought against the company over its alleged connection to a listeria outbreak that killed a woman and caused another miscarriage of her child.

The first lawsuit was filed by the family of Mary Bellman, who died days after her family said she ate ice cream at the Bahia Vista location in Big Olaf Creamery. The second lawsuit was filed by attorney Ryan Osterholm on behalf of Kristen Hopkins. Hopkins ate Big Olaf’s ice cream at a wedding in Clearwater and became seriously ill afterwards. The lawsuit alleges that listeria caused a miscarriage of her baby.

The CDC’s first food safety warning issued last Saturday claims that the responsible outbreak has hospitalized another 21.

Details of the ongoing investigation included in the alert note recall six patients who ate Big Olaf ice cream, or ate ice cream at locations that may have been provided by Sarasota Cream. Of these 17 patients interviewed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, six claimed to have recently eaten Big Olaf ice cream, or had eaten ice cream from a location that Sarasota Creamery might provide. The alert states that an investigation is underway, but does not mention any food products other than those from Big Olaf.

The Florida Department of Health is also investigating the allegations, but the CDC is issuing a second notice to stress that any products made by the company must be phased out.

Details should appear on the CDC’s website Friday evening and will emphasize the need to dispose of these products if you purchase them.

Big Olaf released a statement earlier this week:

“At the moment, this is just speculation because it is an ongoing investigation, and our brand has not been confirmed to be associated with these cases, and I am not sure why Big Olaf was mentioned and only targeted. The original report we got from the Florida Department of Health on Friday, July 1, is That there are 23 reported cases, the first reported case was in January 2022. 6 out of the 23 patients said they ate Big Olaf ice cream, but nothing happened. It was proven. We cooperated with the Florida Department of Health, FDACS and FDA as soon as we were informed We have been transparent, answered all their questions and provided them with all the information required of us, as the health and well-being of the public is our number one priority.

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