The Chatter House: An authentic pub-pod experience

As I climb the steps of the Epicuria, resisting the temptation to dive into the nearest lively pub with good music, there is one thing on my mind – pizza. It’s been weeks since I last had a delicious slice, and now most places in the capital seem to disappoint me with their half-baked chewy treats for this Italian delicacy.

Optical on the house chatter. I had never been here before, but from what I heard, this street, in the heart of the bustling Nehru Place Market, has been wonderfully restored; Its wood accents and cozy corners for couples do justice to the ambiance. The music is choppy, the ambiance is playful and the atmosphere sings about the pub culture that seems to be on the rise in Delhi.

Lovely wood accents in Chatter House

I pick a quiet corner for myself (I think I’m too old for the “let’s dance outside” style). Right from the start, the best aspect of Chatter House is its focus on not turning into a dimly lit bar with loud music; There is space for people to walk in, outside seating which, as of now, is too damp to consider, and good food. But more on that later.

Every restaurant has a predominant element that makes it unforgettable. At The Chatter House, that responsibility rests with the cocktails. The new no-drink menu is a good contender for cocktail menus across town. All liquors, juices, juices and extracts are made in-house with natural ingredients, carefully crafted with ingredients and blends that truly go with your gut in this harsh heat and humid weather. A crafty concoction by chief specialist Rovash Lipcha, the house’s cocktail list is fresh, quirky and just what summer needs.

Chief mixologist Rovash Lipcha has created TCH .'s comprehensive cocktail list
Chief mixologist Rovash Lipcha has created TCH .’s comprehensive cocktail list

We dip our toes in Munich Negroni, a nutty wine on Negroni with bourbon whiskey, and a house-made hazelnut liqueur, seasoned with orange peel, cloves, and cinnamon. My next choice for great delight is Cocomero, which looks like summer pours into a glass of hurricane with a tropical blend of vodka, white rum, orange liqueur, fresh watermelon juice, holy basil mixed with lime juice, and condensed coconut milk. For those who like to stick to the classics, TCH also offers classic sangria along with an array of sangria combinations using fresh berries, coffee, green apple and grapefruit. In addition, tiki cocktails made with tropical fruit juices will leave you feeling rejuvenated, energetic and rejuvenated.

We start the pub grub experience with the appetizers. Our server kindly recommends the Chicken Lovers Dish; Filled with grilled chicken wings, butter chicken croquettes, butter chicken spring roll, peri peri chicken and chicks in the blanket, the dish is more than enough for your cravings. However, I also decided to sample their prawns, and it’s safe to say they were succulent and make the perfect seasoning.

You should also try the black quinoa and avocado salad
You should also try the black quinoa and avocado salad

A quick tip to share – The creative kitchen team, led by Chef Ravindra Rawat, makes all the dips, sauces, marinades, burger buns and pastas from scratch on site. Next up, grilled sea bass fillet – served with quinoa, baby potatoes, edamame, green peas, and a lemon-and-white wine caper butter sauce – is the perfect companion to our series of dishes. Although the winner is TCH’s fresh gourmet hand-strung wood pizza. The pepperoni pizza is a melt-in-your-mouth cheesy surprise, perfectly complemented by the kaloti kebab that comes wrapped in smooth parantha with a delicious green sauce on the side.

Ending a dirty meal with dessert may seem like a lot, but we give in to our craving for something sweet. The Irish coffee cheesecake is rich in flavor but the crust is too hard, forcing us to quit trying in the middle of the taste. However, we recommend TCH to enjoy the liveliness, hearty meals and of course a game of soccer with your friends during the weekend.


Venue: Nehru and Khan Market, Delhi
Timings: 12 noon to 1 am
Meal for two: INR 2100++

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