The CMCF awards US$182,000 in grants to 18 local organizations

Street. CLOUD – Many local organizations in Central Minnesota receive large checks from the Central Minnesota Community Foundation.

The foundation awarded a total of $182,000 through the Central Minnesota Arts Initiative, the Central Minnesota Team Maker, and Thomas Ritchie Youth Grant to 18 local organizations. Grants range from $5,000 to $30,000.

Through the Central Minnesota Arts Grant round, five organizations have received grants including:

  • Yes Network received $7,500 for the thinking skills it learned through the Art program.
  • GREAT Theater received $5,000 for the theater residency program.
  • WACOSA received $7,000 for the WACOSA Art-Ability Resources Program.
  • Avon Hills Folk School received $5,500 for training in youth hand camp growth and training for emerging artists of color.
  • Paramount Arts Center received $5,000 for the Arts Underground program.

Seven organizations have been awarded the Team Maker Scholarship, including:

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota received $30,000 for youth mental health services programs at the Boys and Girls Club.
  • The Minnesota Center for Habitat for Humanity received $30,000 for the Central MN Habitat for Humanity – Aging in Place program.
  • The Central Minnesota Sustainability Project received $10,000 for Understanding Agriculture: Bridging Cultures through the Community Gardens Program.
  • St. Benedict’s College received $19,400 for its Open Windows Literature Project.
  • Too Much Talent received $10,000 for the Myth Revealing Program: Promoting Mental Health and Wellness in the Black Community.
  • The Recovery Community Network received $12,600 for building social capital through the Recovery Program.
  • Centra Sota Somali Women received $8000 for her program, which provides education and services to help people adjust to a new culture.

The recipients of the Thomas Ritsche Youth Scholarship are as follows:

  • Boys and Girls Clubs in Central Minnesota received $5,000 for Eastside, Roosevelt, and Southside programming for boys and girls.
  • Friends of Professional Solutions received $8,695 for their CareerONE-A Vision For The Future program.
  • Village Family Service Center received $5,000 for Pride Teens St. Cloud.
  • Junior Achievement North received $5,000 for implementing the Beginners Fair Achievement Program through the ISD 742 sequential delivery model.
  • The GREAT Theater earned $4,000 for its performances on a student field trip to Disney’s Musical Descendants.
  • Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity received $5,000 for its Habitat for Humanity Tiger Build project.

Since 1985, the Central Minnesota Community Foundation has awarded more than $134.5 million in grants to nonprofits.

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