The data here shows the most popular 4th of July foods in Michigan

The holidays often have a deep meaning for those who celebrate them…except for those days like National Presidential Day or something, which I’m sure there is.

The meaning behind the holiday is just as important as the food present when it is celebrated. And on the Fourth of July, a good backyard is essential.

Barbecue side dishes can vary greatly from country to country. This is especially true in the new data set compiled by Time2play, which analyzed Google searches to determine the most popular Fourth of July foods in each state.

This is what they found.

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The most popular 4th of July food in Michigan

What do Michiganders focus on most as they prepare to cook their summer vacation meals?

According to Time2play, baked beans It was the most Googled food on 4th of July in the state in the weeks leading up to the holiday.


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The Great Lakes state wasn’t alone among the alleged 4th of July favorites: Seven other states have shown a preference for baked beans. Those states include Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Virginia and Washington State.

The most popular 4th of July food is everywhere else

Baked beans were the second most popular food on July 4th in the United States

Data reportedly found potato salad was the No. 1 food on July 4th, with 10 states using Google more than any other food before the holiday, including: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Carolina , West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Scrambled eggs, pasta salad, smoked brisket, and grilled corn are in the third most searched for on the Fourth of July foods, each with five states showing the preference.

Out of more than 100 different types of Fourth of July foods, Time2play found that 12 were the most popular in total. In addition to those previously mentioned, other top choices in the US included: red, white, and blue fruit pizza; smoked ribs buffalo chicken dip; coleslaw; Roasted potatoes and fried chicken.


See each state’s favorites in the infographic below.

Most popular 4th of July food in every state based on Google search volume analyzed by Time2play. (time 2 playing)

In general, cold salads—potatoes, pasta, and coleslaw—appear to be the most popular 4th of July food across the United States.

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