The Food Court at Richmond Parker Place is a must-try dining destination

Richmond is home to plenty of great restaurants and dining destinations, some incredibly popular, some a little more under the radar.

What Metro Vancouver also has in abundance are some amazing food courts.

The mall food court is no longer a true treasure trove of great meals.

Basically toss in a rock and you’ll be guaranteed access to a good Richmond food court – almost all of which, by the way, only have independent, family-run food stalls inside.

You won’t find KFC here, but you will find the best Hong Kong-style breakfast, Taiwanese beef rolls, and crunchy, chewy waffles.

Among these malls and food courts is Parker Place, a ’90s-era mall that will likely be off the radar for most people unless you’re a local or seriously tapped into Richmond’s dining scene.

This mall features almost everything you need for a great meal, whether you plan to cook at home or eat in the food court.

It can take days (or really long afternoons) to experience everything in Parker Place, but here are some must-try places to check out on your first visit.

Parker Place (Aberdeen) Meat & Grill

Darren Wright/DailyHive

This butcher’s and delicacy shop is known by locals as the place to eat roast pork, duck, soy sauce chicken, and other barbecue-style meats. You can buy meat to go for the big events at home (including whole roasted small or medium sized pigs) or have a portion of roast pork over rice to eat right then and there.

red label production

parker place

Darren Wright/DailyHive

Stop here for fresh, affordable produce, from bamboo shoots to bitter melon to several types of choy. Pair this with your next door roaster and you have the perfect dinner.

Mai Mi Hong Singapore beef and pork jerky

People travel from all over the place only to stop at this quirky, Singapore-style spot, hidden inside the mall’s food court. Mai Mi makes beef, pork, salmon, and chicken bacon, and is always made fresh by hand. There’s no website or social media presence to talk about in this place, but that’s how you know it’s really good.

soy talk

This is a must place for soy-based desserts, including soft soy ice cream and chilled soy pudding with red bean-filled boba.

Lay taste

This counter service discovers bowls of Vietnamese fast food like banh mi and pho at affordable prices.

Delicious vegetarian kitchen

This place, which is relatively new to the mall, is a must for vegetarians or anyone looking to take a break from meat. You can have a variety of vegetables served over either pasta or rice, all at very reasonable prices.

rainbow cafe

parker place

Darren Wright/DailyHive

Probably the best Hong Kong-style waffle in Lower Mainland, Rainbow Cafe has been run by the same family for 26 years. Perhaps that is why the recipe is so good – there was plenty of time to perfect it. The pancakes are crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle and are perfect for eating warm from the bag while walking around the rest of the mall.

Taiwanese food

parker place

Darren Wright/DailyHive

This cool place serves delicious items such as spicy wonton, beef patty rolls, green onions, salt fried chicken, pepper chicken, salted vegetables and shredded pork soup.

yoghurt rice

Stop here for a refreshing yogurt drink. Ricey Yogurt contains a multigrain and fresh fruit series, with juice flavors such as mango and passion fruit yogurt, lychee rose with aloe, and caramel Hazelnut. Oh, and all the yogurt is made fresh in-house, too.

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