The foundry reopens with a rose

The new owners of Cold Spring Café for a long time

MaryRose Donaghy has fond memories of The Foundry Cafe, a Cold Spring brunch that seems to have been in its prime street location forever. In fact, the restaurant ran for 26 years before closing in January.

Mary Rose and Doug Donaghy, owners of The Foundry Rose

Donaghy and her husband Douglas, a Yonkers Fire Department lieutenant who runs a flooring business on the side, moved near the Foundry when they settled in Cold Spring 15 years ago. “We ate there all the time; mostly we liked hanging out with Jeff” – Jeff Konsaga, the former owner, often seen through the kitchen hatch, in hand.

Donaghy, who owns Firefly Yoga in Fishkill and years ago worked for a chef, had long been eager to open a restaurant. Knowing, as many in town did, of The Foundry’s teetering fortunes, exacerbated by the pandemic, and Consaga’s desire to retire, I approached him about a partnership.

That didn’t work, but they eventually took over Consaga, giving them more freedom to make changes. They renovated the space, with new floors, paint, chairs, furnishings, a stove and fridge. “We tried to make the kitchen more usable,” she says. “We have learned how to make a menu full of variety that can be produced in a small kitchen; we are constantly working on it.”

Cereal bowl with halibut

Cereal bowl with halibut (photos provided)

About that list: “I was looking for what was missing,” Donaghy says. “We wanted to emulate our juice bar with Firefly’s salads in terms of bringing healthy items to the menu while retaining traditional staples – a place where you can have smoothies or steak and eggs.”

Steak and eggs

Steak and eggs

Sample breakfast items include such staples as eggs with hash browns and bacon or sausage; Buttermilk pancakes with cinnamon butter and fruits; and breakfast cake from Graflax, along with unusual treats like the vegan and gluten-free bowl of Green Goddess, with pineapple, banana, spirulina, kale and almond milk topped with cucumber, almonds, kiwi and pumpkin seeds.

Lunch fare includes American banh mi, fish and beef tacos, veggie burgers, taco bowls, Asian chopped salad, and bowl of cereal, along with communal options such as fried cauliflower with garlic crisp, Korean barbecue sauce and jalapeño aioli, and burrata. .

The couple tried to get coffee locally from Big Mouth, bread from Signal Fire, fish from Cold Spring Fish, and Crown Maple Syrup from Dover Plains.

summer pot

summer pot

What’s not on the menu is Consaga’s famous French toast. Asked about it, Donaghy nodded anticipating the question. The problem, she said, is how long it takes to make his recipe – a familiar memory for those with a hungry children’s table that is slowly descending into chaos. “Jeff’s French Toast took 25 minutes, minimum – we’re trying to be under 25 here!”

How does Donaghy — a mother of two, stepmother to one and now owner of a yoga studio and restaurant in various locations — de-stress? Do you want to ask?

“A lot of half-dove mode,” she says. “Much.”

The Foundry Rose, opens at 55 Main St. , in Cold Spring, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily except Wednesday. A grand opening is planned for Thursday (July 21) as part of Third Thursday, with food from 11am-7pm and Nellybombs music from 5-7pm.

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