The Godfather celebrates his fiftieth birthday

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Written by Bruce Chadwick

Originally Posted: 06/03/2022

You remember this scene. Pete Clemenza and his fellow gangster led Polly, who had not gone to work the day Vito Corleone, the crime leader, was murdered, in Lower Manhattan, to the swamps of what was to become Liberty State Park, in Jersey City, and shot him. When they leave, the burly Clemenza commands his hoodies, “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

Nobody will forget this scene.

March 15th is the 50th anniversary of the film’s debut in 1972. What a history the film has had! Most polls of the best films of all time rank it among the top three (with Citizen Ken And the White House). It ended up as a movie trilogy that grossed (with today’s money) over $1.4 billion and won nine Oscars. All three films have become TV favorites. They are often grouped together as a nearly eight-hour-long crime trilogy. Some of her lines have become cult classics, such as the cannoli line, “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse,” “I don’t want my brother to come out of this toilet with his hand alone,” and “You built my brother?” Marlon Brando’s career culminated and gave birth to the careers of Al Pacino, James Caan and John Casal and Robert Duvall.

Did law enforcement crack down on the mafia in those 50 years? of course not. The drug cartels have made the gang stronger.

what it was The Godfather Who made it so attractive to both critics and audience? After all, there have been hundreds of mob movies over the years, dating back to James Cagney Enemy of the People 1931. The mob dominated the silver screens with color and black and white films. Some of Hollywood’s best actors have played gangsters, from Kanye to Edward J. Robinson to Richard Widmark, George Raft, Joe Pesci and Jack Nicholson.

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why was The Godfather Better, much better, than all the other mob movies?

First, you should remember that in 1972, when the movie came out, Italian Americans were seen as one-dimensional people and the subject of many racial jokes. No one gave them credit for achieving anything. The film gave them a new life.

Gangsters were seen as hollow “headpieces” in all crime movies. The Godfather I changed it. In the movie, Don Corleone is seen as a criminal mastermind and mob strongman, but also as a loving father trying to raise his children properly, as we all try. He has succeeded and failed at it, as we all do.

The movie has a great character development. Young Michael, a returning war hero, doesn’t want to have anything to do with the family’s criminal business, but events pull him in and he kills two men who tried to kill his father. Eldest son Sonny is seen as a temperamental young man who never thinks things through, but nevertheless, you love him (remember the scene where Sonny, angered by Connie’s sister-in-law, beats her, beats her in the daylight of the husband, and even hits him on the head with a can. rubbish covering?).

The family has successful sons, like Michael, but failed, like Fredo. Don’t some of our families have that, too?

Most of all, the movie is about “the family”, which is the family of crime and the family of real life. The people in the Corleone crime family, Clemenza, Tessio and the rest of them work for that family. The “real” Corleone family does everything they can to help each other get through the difficult times the family and the individual are going through. Above all, there is intense loyalty to both families. Remember the Las Vegas scene, when Michael told Fredo to never break up with the family?

The movie is about loyalty. These guys are honest with each other and their loyalty is unquestionable. Frankie Pantangley even sacrifices his life for the family.

The movie highlights the family beautifully, right from the first frame. We’re at Don’s daughter’s wedding and meet all of the Corleones, who are seen as “right” to their “wrong” lives. Fifteen minutes into the film, you see the Corleones family as heroes and the police and the FBI as villains.

marriages. crazy. Women, like Connie and Kai, struggle with their husbands and experience as many bad times as the good ones. Poor Kai ends up shutting the door in her face in the last scenes of godfather i. All the problems of a cosmic man are shown in both the first and second parts, her husband Carlo dies kicking a car window. The film also had its critics, who protested the textbook treatment of women in the film such as child-rearing, cooking at dinner, husband-pleasing “mothers” and, worse, “mafia wives”.

It is, in a sense, a movie about the American Dream. The Corleones achieve this dream, but in the wrong way. However, they do and moviegoers like it, because they have always been a fan of gangsters in movies for containing the dream. In the movies, gangsters were discriminated against and couldn’t get anywhere in American society, so they took the crime road to success. If you have money, dress well and live in a big house, you have achieved the American Dream. These gangs did it all, but in their own way. People admired them for their success.

Now, at the age of fifty, The Godfather It is being restored in a new edition. Some scenes will be lighter in color, such as the opening wedding scene, and some a little darker. The movie will remain the same, though, and it will still show the brilliance of director Francis Ford Coppola.

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“You have to understand that as a filmmaker I didn’t really know how to make The Godfather. You have learned how to make Spiritual father Which makes it,” Coppola told The New York Times.

The movie was Coppola’s masterpiece. “It’s the movie that I’m so famous for. If you ask everyone to mention why I’m at all even important, they’ll tell you The Godfather,’ he recently told times.

The people who worked with him on the film agree. I met Robert Duvall a few years ago. I asked him about the good movies and TV series he’s starred in, and there was a lot, did people ask him when they met him.

“Of which? There was only one The Godfather. People fill me with questions about the movie, about the entire cast. People want to know if we have gangsters on site who act as consultants or if I have gangster friends. God loves people The Godfather,” He said.

So, I want you to see The Godfather. I will make you an offer that you cannot refuse…

Bruce Chadwick worked for 23 years as an entertainment writer/critic for the New York Daily News. Later, he worked as an arts and entertainment critic for History News Network, a national online weekly magazine. Chadwick holds a Ph.D. in History and Cultural Studies from Rutgers University. He has written 31 books on US history and has lectured on history and culture around the world. He is Professor of History at New Jersey City University.

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