The Great American Recipe Episode 4: Exclusive Preview Clip

Fans of PBS’s cooking contest appreciate that each episode not only brings delicious dishes to the table but the accompanying stories match the food. In the fourth episode of The Great American Recipe, fan favorite Dan shares a touching story about his grandmother. As seen in this exclusive clip provided to FoodSided, every single piece of pasta is filled with love.

According to PBS, The Great American Recipe Episode 4, “The Holidays Moved” features:

Get ready to eat and go eat while the remaining seven chefs prepare handcrafted, best-of-the-oven alfresco dining. From picnics to going to the pool, everyone has a delicious dish that tastes like sunshine and fun.

Since this episode airs in the middle of summer, many people can relate to the idea of ​​dining al fresco. Whether it’s easy to eat, lighter flavors, or classic dishes, certain foods and flavors seem to fill the table.

While there are many episodes left in The Great American Recipe, Dan has quickly become a favorite among many fans. From his cute personality to the stories woven into his dishes, each dish seems to be full of spice and sentiment.

In this exclusive clip brought to FoodSided by PBS, the background on this pasta dish will resonate with some families.

As Dan tells Cavatelli’s story to his grandmother, viewers may remember their own experiences learning to cook with their family members. It may not be the gradual process of being able to transition to using a special noodle maker, but the concept is related.

Another aspect of this passage is more exciting. Dan shared the small handwritten note from his grandmother. Even though his grandmother might not be cooking next to him, that piece of paper is like having her guide her hand for each roll of dough or sprinkle salt.

Most importantly, this moment can serve as a conversation starter for home cooks. It is important to ask the grandmother or mother to write down this family recipe. More than just knowing the ingredients and how they work, it’s the piece of paper that can be a part of family memories. Passing these little things from generation to generation is becoming more and more important.

In some ways, this aspect is one of the reasons why The Great American Recipe is different from other cooking competitions. Of course, only one person will get the title, which are the stories that make this show special. Food is that universal language. It brings people to the negotiating table and facilitates that connection. Maybe during the next family dinner, everyone can turn that machine off, eat, and open up about what’s possible.

Episode 4 of The Great American Recipe airs Friday, July 15 at 9 PM EST. In addition, it can be streamed or watched online.

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