The huge shortage of Sriracha in the Bay Area is forcing die-hard fans to hoard the famous hot sauce

Fans of Sriracha’s favorite hot sauce may want to stock up on it: an “unprecedented” shortage of the beloved spice has arrived in the Bay Area.

Some grocery stores are already selling out or struggling to keep Sriracha in stock, while others have enough Sriracha, for now. But the impending shortage of the beloved spice almost a prerequisite for eating certain foods like pho – and the obsession of customers across the country – has companies worried about what will happen if they run out.

Huy Fong Foods of Southern California, which makes bottles of their signature rooster-sealed hot sauce, warned in April that “severe” shortages were coming due to weather conditions in the area of ​​Mexico where the chilies are grown. Sriracha is not only a staple condiment in Vietnamese restaurants but is often used by chefs to make other sauces. While other brands make this style of sauce, in the United States it is synonymous with Huy Fong.

Customers at the Berkeley Bowl in East Bay were buying whole cases of Sriracha from Huy Fong. Weee! , your local Asian grocery delivery service, sold out. Gus’s Community Market has been on Haight Street in San Francisco outside of Sriracha for two weeks – and it’s unclear when it will return to store shelves. Even the alternative sriracha sold at Rainbow Grocery Cooperative in San Francisco sold out almost entirely earlier this week.

Customers buy Sriracha from Huy Fong Foods while they can, as seen at Berkeley Bowl West in Berkeley.

Jessica Christian / The Chronicle

Grocery manager Will Shermer said that as soon as news of the shortage came, customers flocked to Gus to stock up on bottles.

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