The last security director says that fear of death is driving the sequel

Make way for puss in boots! Our favorite feline keeper returns to the big screen in what the filmmakers have described as a “Spaghetti Western fairy tale.” The first half hour of the animated film Snow in Boots: Last Wish The preview took place during this week’s Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Variety reports.

The character first broke out in Partner 2 In 2004, the bouncer went on his first solo outing in 2011 puss in boots. “Forefront of our minds was not just reintroducing Puss to the world, but introducing the world to where the character is now. For us, it was about presenting this larger-than-life legend, this fictional character, in a different way than before.” The director explained Joel Crawford.

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last wish Significantly different from what the audience has seen before. The animated film deals with darker themes such as death and what happens when Puss’s high spirits don’t last all the time. “There are darker undertones in this. Puss goes back to the last of his nine lives. He grapples with his own death, and his fear of death is the engine that drives the film, and Grimm’s Fairy Tales were a huge inspiration. [on that front]Crawford said. Filmmakers have made other comparisons to The good, the bad and the uglysaying Sergio LeonHis visual and narrative sense was a major inspiration behind the film. Producer Mark Swift Add:

“Being in this series for 20 years gives us a license to evolve and change a little bit. We’re dealing with these kind of deeper themes, very scary themes, and one of the things that gives us a little license to do that is the fact that we took this movie out of the realistic look.”

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The movie not only deals with darker themes but also gets a new look due to the technological advancements in the animation industry since the character first appeared. Crawford explained, “Technologically, we really found such a unique look. There’s a tactile feel, you see the paint and the brush strokes… [Because] We wanted to give it a more graphic style, as if you were reading an old book with colorful illustrations, to make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale world.”

Snow in Boots: Last Wish cast Antonio Banderas in the honorary role, Salma Hayek Like Kitty Softpaws, John Mulaney Like the new villain Big Jack Horner, Harvey Gillen like Perro and Florence Boge Like moderate among other things.

Snow in Boots: Last Wish It debuts in theaters on December 21.

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