The Latinx Files: We’re All Breakfast Tacos

Cue that meme from Carl “CJ” Johnson Walking down an alley because For the second week in a rowThis newsletter is all about the taco talk. And you only have the National Assembly. Hispanic journalists are to blame.

On Monday, a clip of Jill Biden speaking at a UnidosUS conference went viral because the first lady compared the uniqueness of the Latinx community to a breakfast taco in San Antonio, where the event was held.

The slip was inadvertently playful, especially her mispronunciation of “bodega,” which was on a par with Its less than excellent try When the UFW slogan “Sí se puede” was spoken at an event celebrating Cesar Chavez’s birthday last year.

The first lady tried poorly to explain how the Latin community is not a monolith. What you don’t do is compare Latinxs directly to tacos.

But since this is Twitter we’re talking about, this last point doesn’t matter to right-wing agitators who act in bad faith. They saw an opportunity to attack and dive.

As my colleague Gustavo Arellano notes in his latest column, which doubles as a primer on the relationship between Mexican food and presidential campaigns, “Conservatives are suddenly doing their worst wake-up impersonation and claiming Biden and Democrats are racist for supposedly saying Latinos are tacos.”

“Tacos are no longer neutral,” he adds. “It has become a weapon in the name of owning the other side.”

it’s the truth.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida), a man better known for his failed presidential metrics than for Internet culture, He changed his profile picture on Twitter To a picture of what is seen as a taco in Florida as a way to beat Biden. The Republican National Committee, hoping to profit from blatant error, Now selling taco related items.

This is not the way Latinx Twitter saw it. On the contrary, my feed – anecdotal, I know – was filled with people defaming the First Lady for her misguided attempt at his leadership. Much like when JD Vance asked if you hate MexicansMy subgroup of the internet was laughing at this moment of confusion.

Not a NAHJ, though.

On Tuesday, the organization issued a statement on Twitter, calling on the first lady to apologize.

“We’re not tacos,” Nag said.

“Our heritage is like Latinos shaped by different diasporas, cultures and food traditions. Don’t reduce us to stereotypes.”

Interestingly, a quick search did not find a similar request to then-candidate Donald Trump after him He tweeted a picture of himself with a taco bowl for Cinco de Mayo in 2016.

Besides claiming to know what more than 60 million Latinos (or Hispanics if that’s your thing), the NAHJ’s request for an apology has actually done nothing beyond legitimizing ridiculous claims that the First Lady said anything racist.

It is unfortunate that an organization of journalists ignored a very basic principle of journalism: Don’t become a story.

However, that’s exactly what NAHJ did. The request for an apology was central to the reports I published Washington PostAnd the hillAnd the Watchman And the Politico.

Congratulations NAHJ. You all played yourselves.

Also, if I was going to be a breakfast taco, I’d be Laredo Taco Co.’s Taco Checharon: flaky, doughy, and spicy.

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