The Manorville native serves up Tex-Mex food from his food truck Turburritos in Brookhaven

Manorville resident Joseph Brilly—a volunteer firefighter in his community—is among the newest Long Islanders to turn a pandemic downtime passion into a business.

For the past two weeks, Brilly has operated the new Turburritos Tex-Mex food truck at 2801 Montauk Hwy. In the small village of Brookhaven, it serves tacos, quesadillas and as the name suggests, burritos filled with jam.

“A couple of years ago, I got a smoker, and I smoked all meat, and got into the barbecue pretty much,” said Brilly, 37. “And then it got cold outside and I started cooking at home. COVID hit, I wasn’t working, and I was cooking all day. I wanted a food truck, but I wanted to make a BBQ food truck.”

As several months went by, Preli switched gears from barbecue to Tex-Mex.

“I would take anything and everything and make my own burrito,” he said. “I was always on YouTube watching people cook, and I started eating California burritos when I was going places, and I thought: I can make that.”

“And after you get drunk, you go home, and you make this drunken, crazy burrito,” he added with a laugh. “It’s so much fun.”

The Turburritos menu is basically beef, chicken, steak, and shrimp served in burritos, bowls, tacos, and quesadillas. Among the more popular offerings, Brilli said, is the shrimp taco with mango sauce. turburetto, a surf and turf show of steak and shrimp with works; Fully loaded nachos and chicken quesadillas.

Almost every item on the menu is topped with sweet mayonnaise from Brilli’s signature house, a sweet orange sauce that adds just as much flavor as it adds colour.

Just weeks into his project, Preli is still tweaking his menu and constantly soliciting feedback from clients. Once the truck’s deep fryer is ready to roll, he plans to provide his diners with a California burrito stuffed with fries he’ll enjoy.

Although there is a specific location in Brookhaven, customers should check the Turburritos account on Facebook or Instagram for updates on daily opening hours and special locations. The van is available for special events, and Briely said he’s already booked for dates at Moriches Field Brewery, the Jerry Jam Music Festival, and many other events.

“I have already booked quite a few parties and events. They would beat me up before I even opened the truck.”

In the near future, he hopes to host his own events.

“That’s the main focus I’m going to be on,” Brilly said. “I’m interested in cars, so I’d like to get into car shows and things like that. I was thinking since we have a big parking lot here, we’re going to show a car on Friday night here.”

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