The owners of High Point Creamery have opened a new ice cream parlor and café called Eiskaffee

“Once upon a time there was a girl who liked ice cream and a boy who liked coffee. One day, they decided to try it together. The rest is history.”

This is the simplified version of the story behind Eiskaffee, a newly opened coffee and ice cream shop located within the renovated and expanded 11th Avenue Hostel in Denver.

cobbler (pronounced “ice café”) is a German treat that combines ice cream and coffee. In a German café, you’ll get your food cobbler in a tall glass. In the newly opened Denver store, you can have your own cold nitro drink with two scoops of ice cream in miniature, topped with whipped cream, grated chocolate, and a thin slab of waffle cone.

Eiskaffee offers European tastes and the sweet taste of caffeine, according to their owners Erika Thomas and Chad Stutz.

The two waited for a while to open the store, the sister concept of another ice cream venture, High Point Creamery, which was founded in 2014 and already has four Denver locations at RiNo, Berkeley and Hilltop and at Choice Market on Broadway. They cited equipment and construction delays due to supply chain problems to delay the opening by about 18 months.

“It’s been a long year since we started talking to him [the hotel] Before they even started renovating, and the process took longer than anyone could have imagined just because of COVID and it all ended up happening,” Stutz said.

A customer is served a mini cobbler (coffee and ice cream) and a “waffle” at an event the day before the opening of Eiskaffee, an ice cream shop at 11th Avenue Hostel on Broadway in Denver. (Annie Dent’s photos by Eiskaffee)

Meanwhile, the pair have run an Eiskaffee from a small food stall at the Grange Hall Food Market in Greenwood Village. Now they say they’re looking to have enough room to make more pastries to serve along with their 14 flavors of ice cream and “waffle chops”—yes, that’s a shot of espresso served in a chocolate-lined waffle cone cup.

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