The Palazzi Plaza in Brighton has a new donut shop

Jane Rodriquez said her strength lies in running a business while her boyfriend, Joe Berkane, is a baker.

The couple decided to combine their expertise and the result is Brighton’s newest donut shop. Donut Social celebrated the ribbon cutting on July 15th.

“We put our hearts into this, and he puts all his energy into it through bread and passion for what he does,” Rodriguez said. “We both have our strengths with a solid plan.”

Donut Social opened a little on June 25, with shorter hours until the grand opening. With that, they plan to extend for longer hours and expand the list.

“I am excited about the opening of the Cake Shop in Brighton,” said Berkan.

Rodriques is a Colorado native, born and raised in the southern San Luis Valley. Over the years, she has had a few small businesses and worked for Weld County Human Services. Rodriquez has experience in business administration and accounting management. She has two children.

Berkane is from Algeria and has been in the states for eight years. He has experience working as a baker and in a small donut shop back home in Algeria.

Volcano runs productions, trains staff, and trains part-time bakers to help him. I run the business side.

“We want to support the community and local businesses,” Rodriguez said. “A local carpentry company remodeled and built the boxes at the cake shop.”

Berkane and Rodriquez said they support local youth with encouragement so that they can do bigger and better things in the world.

“We’re going to schools, students with good grades and perfect attendance – we’ll give them cake,” she said.

Donut Social is perfect for students to come in and study with business people for a meeting. There is a place for the kids to enjoy and eat the donuts with gummy bears or sprinkles.

“We want to provide seniors with a place where they can feel comfortable to go out, chat and have a cup of coffee with friends. We will serve middle-aged customers, and we have Wi-Fi outlets,” she said.

They will have a large variety of offerings, with cakes freshly baked daily. Berkan’s best-selling cakes by far have been pancakes baked with apples, pineapples, and berries. Customers love cupcakes or old-fashioned cupcakes, too.

“We love to be actively involved, and supporting the community, families and local businesses is our core business model,” Rodriquez said.

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