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National Ice Cream Day, recognized on the third Sunday in July every year, isn’t just one of those holidays that raises a half-baked hashtag. An advertisement was signed under dessert-loving President Ronald Reagan in 1984, and this day is the perfect midsummer event to celebrate dairy delicacies.

For the fitness enthusiast, though, your favorite candy cones and bowls might not be the best bone A healthy activity to indulge in.

Fortunately, like the faint hum of a Good Humor truck rolling onto our street, ONE Bars salvaged a new, limited-edition flavor just in time for the celebration. All-new Rocky Road protein bars feature a delicious chocolate center loaded with chunks of marshmallows. truly Almonds, all covered with an ice-like layer.

“Summer and ice cream go hand in hand, and ONE makes it easy to enjoy the delicious flavor of Rocky Road in a convenient bar,” says Eric Clawson, General Manager of ONE. ONE Brands is known for creating flavors, and our proprietary blends don’t just capture the best flavors […] But our smooth texture, not the chalky, is the reason to believe you can really eat sweets and protein, too.”

In preparation for celebrating National Ice Cream Day, we decided to ditch the frozen foods section and give these new protein snacks a try. Here’s the scoop on the latest protein block aimed at satisfying active bodies and sweet tooth alike.

Rocky Road One Protein Bars

  • The flavor is right on the money
  • 20 grams of protein is the perfect midday fuel for you
  • It takes a while to chew an entire bar
  • A limited-edition flavor, which means this will eventually go away

What’s Good About One’s Rocky Road Protein Bar

You really need to remind yourself that this is not the cone of your favorite relationship

We’ve tasted a handful of protein bars before, from peanut butter pie to fruity cereal, and always appreciate the brand’s attention to delicious detail. On a first tasting of a Rocky Road bar, you instantly conjure up images of grabbing a waffle cone at your local salon. Chocolate. Almonds. Marshmallows. It’s all there, which made getting 20 grams of protein all the more fun.

Plus, the bars are thin, making it easy to throw in your carry-on or grab on the go. Need a little sweet escape from your regular diet? ONE’s Rocky Road can certainly deliver good flavor to the last bite — or a lick, if we’re sticking with the ice cream pun.

One of the Rocky Protein Bars

Ben Eminger

Nutritional makeup provides plenty of filling for a nice mid-day freshness

Well, the taste is okay, but what about the nutritional value? Well, every single Rocky Road protein bar delivers 20 grams of the brand’s proprietary protein blend, which contains a blend of whey protein and milk protein. In addition, the bars contain only 1 gram of sugar from natural ingredients, but they contain a small amount of sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener. This, along with seven grams of fat and 24 grams of carbs, provides plenty of filling fuel between meals.

we say between Meals, as 210 calories is not that total should Replace the entire dish. Let’s be honest, though; Ice cream shouldn’t be a meal replacement in the first place. However, we did enjoy how filling the bars are when used as a midday snack.

What’s not perfect about One Rocky Road Protein Bar

There’s plenty to chew on, literally, with this protein-packed snack

Unlike the ice cream this protein bar is inspired by, passing through ONE Rocky Road is a little trying. While the bars aren’t chalky or unattractive, like some protein bars on the market, the dense, cake-like texture takes a while to chew.

The tape is flexible, and you won’t cut a tooth or anything – but if you’re looking for a softer snack, look elsewhere. However, protein bars as a whole don’t usually have the greatest mouthfeel, so don’t hold that out too much against this tasty treat.

Rocky Road One Protein Bars: Verdict

With summer heating up and National Ice Cream Day upon us, we can’t recommend ONE’s Rocky Road enough. While we appreciate a softer chewing experience, the flavor and healthy texture make up for the only drawback. ONE’s Rocky Road protein bars are available in 12 packs online at just $2.33 per bar. Make sure to grab your favorites up to the last time, because the “limited edition” character means this delicious flavor could soon melt away.

Rocky Road One Protein Bars

  • The flavor is right on the money
  • 20 grams of protein is the perfect midday fuel for you
  • It takes a while to chew an entire bar
  • A limited-edition flavor, which means this will eventually go away

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