The perfect weekend with Functional Medicine Instructor Bonnie Rogers

From: Ms. Bonnie Rogers, 37, is a functional physician and lifestyle and habits coach at The Nutrition Clinic. She moved to Singapore from South Africa over 10 years ago with her 40-year-old husband, Gareth Nicholson, who is in finance. The couple lives in Tiong Bahru with their three-year-old son Benjamin.

“We try to stay active as a family during the weekends. When you have a busy week and your baby is young, sometimes it’s easier to turn on the TV, so we decided to build some family habits that we don’t even have to think about anymore.”

Our weekends start on Friday evenings. At 5.30pm, no matter what kind of week we had, we get in the car and go out for a walk.

Sometimes we get tired and not in a good mood, but we do it anyway. After a few minutes, we know this is the right decision. We often only leave after 8pm.

Our usual picnic spots are Tanjung Beach, Fort Canning, Marina Bay or Hurt Park. I usually pack a simple salad with sashimi and fruit. I would be lying if I said my child willingly eats salad, so I take with him a sourdough bread or homemade lasagna packed with vegetables.

I like to start my Saturdays with a good coffee and breakfast. We usually head to a new place, but sometimes we go back to a favorite place. I love Starter Lab Bakery in Havelock Road for sourdough bread, and French bistro Merci Marcel in Tiong Bahru has become a second home of sorts.

On Saturday afternoons, we usually hang out at home. Read or maybe cook something more luxurious. I love trying new recipes, but often I just don’t have the time. I’ve been trying Italian cuisine lately – it’s so rewarding to make pasta from scratch with my son.

In the evening, we may hang out with friends. I’m a little homely person these days and love nothing more than catching up with friends at our house or theirs. I find this is the time when everyone feels comfortable and the best conversations happen.

If we are alone, we usually watch a movie. My weekdays are fairly organized, so it’s a good idea to be less planning on weekends.

Sundays are slow days when we take it easy. We might go for lunch at Din Tai Fung, which my son loves. Then my husband takes him to swimming class and takes the time to get ready for next week.

I’m obsessed with taking notes and love planning my weeks. I also always study something and catch up with the courses. Right now, I’m working with a team of doctors and trainers in the US to study longevity.”

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