The ‘Second Coming’ of Keto – The Release of a Low-Sugar, High-Protein Diet Big Bet

At Natural Products Expo West, the sheer quantity and variety of products making keto claims “A true eye opener,”Nicholas Friday, CEO of Rabobank’s RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness and consumer food expert, wrote in a recent report encouraging the return of trade fairs.

He noted that there was “a lot of keto” on the show, with brands offering keto snack bars, keto candy, keto candy and keto bread, that he wondered whether “Maybe we will see the second coming.”from keto.

In fact, a report by Grand View Research indicates that consumer interest in the keto diet is not declining, but increasing—resulting in a 5.5% compound annual sales increase from $9.57 billion globally in 2019 through 2027. While supplementation may Responsible for the bulk of sales (at 50%), sales of keto snacks are expected to exceed the overall category at an expected compound annual growth rate of 6.1%, according to the report.

The younger generation eats with a greater purpose

Among the companies drawn to the market potential and healthy promises of keto is JiMMYBAR! , who cut her teeth in the keto space in 2018 by releasing three popular snack bars designed for the diet.

Encouraged by sales, consumer feedback, and personal success with the diet, the company is now expanding beyond the bar category into decadent candy cups and, perhaps soon, other categories that have traditionally been taboo for keto followers.

“The younger generation eats for a purpose more than, say, eating when I was younger and would eat Twinkie without thinking anything about it. But today, people want to benefit from what they eat or drink… and they understand that food is medicine,”Jim Simon, Co-Founder and CEO of JiMMYBAR! FoodNavigator-USA said.

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