The steakhouse that defended Brett Kavanaugh’s “right” to dinner is relentlessly poached

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Not two weeks after the coup Raw vs. Wade After exposing undisclosed numbers of pregnant Americans to death from pregnancy complications, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh somehow thought it was a good idea to dine publicly in Morton last Wednesday. You’ll notice that Morton is ostensibly a high-end steakhouse chain – or like Caddy Ruth Ashcraft from Jezebel put itApplebees for people who wear their shirts.

The Justice that consumes a lot of beernaturally, The protesters immediately confronted him, forcing him to exit from the back of the building Before he can even ask for dessert. Morton then issued a far-fetched comic statement defending Kavanaugh’s supposed “right” to “eat” – a right not explicitly enshrined in the Constitution, so by following Kavanaugh’s own logic about: abortion, not a right at all – and calling the protesters, not the man. who legally confined pregnant women to government incubators[selfish] And devoid of decency.”

Fast forward to Monday, and unlike Kavanaugh, who had to flee before he could order cheesecake, Morton only gets dessert: The steakhouse is now “inundated with phone calls and fake reservations,” from the inside Reports.

Morton employee subscriber via Instagram story that some of the fake reservations were under names that included “Arnold Benedict”, “Abortion Rights” and “First Amendment”. According to an Instagram story posted by an employee. Elsewhere, fake reservations included Dick Hertz, Amy Connie, Neil Gore, Kava No, Raw Wide, Jane Doe, and Pro Choice. Oh my gosh, I love this country sometimes.

Over the weekend, Politico I got an internal memo Sent to staff by Scott Crane, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Morton, Crane confirmed this crisis: “We are currently seeing a massive wave (now trending at number two on social media) of negative reaction to our comments yesterday as well as being bombarded at the level the local with phone calls and fake reservations on the Open Table”. continue:

“I am letting you know because there is a good chance that your restaurants will also attract some people to comment and/or make (fake) reservations over the next few days. As I mentioned yesterday, our comment is always ‘no comment’. We don’t reply, we don’t retweet, we don’t post on Instagram. Or Facebook and we don’t do anything.”

we’ve got He said this before, wchicken Demonstrators gathered outside the judges’ homes And the Senator Susan Collins’ sidewalk chalkAnd we’ll say it Once again: the very wealthy and powerful people who actively strip us of human rights and make our planet uninhabitable do not deserve peace for a moment. If you think that confronting public officials about their political actions and decisions that uproot our lives is “immoral”, but the government is forcing people to get pregnant noYou value the blood-stained comfort of wealthy elites over the lives of the pregnant and the marginalized.

While pregnant women in a few countries that have outlawed abortion outright are scrambling to find care and raise the money to afford it, abortion providers Fear of prison timeand A 10-year-old rape victim is traumatized From being forced to travel out of state for an abortion, some well-deserved trolling is pretty absurd the least Morton deserves his cowardly support for Kavanaugh. Believe me, he’ll survive a call or two from Dick Hertz or (my personal favorite) Brett Count.

If you are currently trying to engage in some Morton trolling for yourself, you may find Washington, Dr..c. Morton’s restaurant where Kavanaugh dined paused customer reviews scream page. Maybe consider trying another way to really stick with it—like, say, Donate to an abortion fund or independent clinic?

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