The ubiquitous California brunette hair color trend

Image source: Getty Images / Edward Berthelot

  • California brunette is the new hair color trend for summer.
  • The look includes highlighting on brown hair with a subtle sun-kissed look.
  • Get inspired for the California brown hair color trend to bring to the salon.

‘California brunette’ is the latest hair color trend that has everyone running to the hair salon, inspirational photos in hand, looking for a color update. While you may not be familiar with the term “California Brunette” when it comes to hair color, chances are you’ve seen the look on social media or been rocked by some of your favorite beauty influencers and celebrities. This trend recently went viral on TikTok, and has become one of the hottest hair color trends of summer 2022. The hair color trend has been dubbed the “California Brunette” because California is famous for its sunny weather, and what does sunny weather do to your hair? Well, it softens it, of course.

The new hair color trend is basically a subtle blonde, and easier to achieve than you might think. “Consider enjoying the sun, just got back from a tropical vacation. Glimpses of effortless lightness with the right placement complement the complexion with purposeful warmth and richness,” Los Angeles-based hairstylist Sierra Kinnear told PopSugar.

The hair color trend is perfect for anyone who has a darker base and wants to change up their look for the warmer months without doing anything too dramatic. The goal is to create natural-looking tresses that can only be achieved by lying in the sun—or scheduling an expensive hair appointment—either way, our lips are closed. The color should stay close to the original shade and should stick to natural tones. Plus, since you’re getting closer to your natural color, maintenance shouldn’t be too boring.

If you want to get a brunette in California, look yourself, your best bet is to head to your nearest salon with some inspiring photos on hand for a professional and color consultation. Keener says to ask your stylist for “a little lightness around the face with blended pops all over. Nothing too light or blonde.” Keener adds that you should avoid any orange or red undertones, “Think light caramel. Something that complements skin and eye color.”

As with any hair color, after your visit to the salon, you’ll want to make sure you take the right steps to keep your hair color looking fresh. When it comes to maintaining your color at home, Kener suggests using the Evo Pro Blue Color Intensifier ($30) once every fourth wash because it will help maintain a neutral tone. She also suggests using a color-safe leave-in conditioner, like the Incommon Beauty Magic Myst 4-in-1 Universal Elixir ($35) that will keep your hair healthy despite the lightening.

While we can’t all live in sunny California, we can definitely make our hair look like we do. Keep scrolling to check out her “California Brunette” hair color inspiration to bring her with you to your next salon appointment.

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