These are the highest rated restaurants on the West Side, according to Yelp

Yelp tops the list of Los Angeles’ 100 highest-rated restaurants

By Dolores Quintana

Yelp has named its best dining restaurants on the Westside according to Yelp reviewers and reviews on their website. The list already lists 100 restaurants in the Los Angeles and San Fernando areas, but here it is in their readers’ picks in the Westside of Los Angeles.

Yelpers picked El Primo Tacos in Venice at 845 Lincoln Blvd. El Primo Tacos is a taco truck that takes only cash and sells street tacos from El Pastor, Carne Asada, Cabeza or Cow Head, Suadero, Nopale or Cactus. The truck also sells quesadillas and burritos.

Chosen by Yelpers Blasteran Beverly Hills, located at 272 South La Cienega Blvd, the Yelp page describes it as “a neighborhood gastro lounge in Beverly Hills focused on the dishes Californians love – New American cuisine mixed with Southeast Asian flavor, especially Indonesian.” You can find garlic pasta, cowboy burgers, Gado Gado salad, BBQ Galbi tacos, Kaarage chicken sandwich, and truffle mac at this eclectic restaurant.

Another Yelper favorite is the Emily Grill in Culver City at 10020 Venice Blvd. Founded in 2017, Emily Grill is a Korean Fusion restaurant that serves Korean-style rice dishes, such as Japchae or Bulgogi, Korean-style boxes, such as L.A. Galbi box or Spicy Pork Box, Soft Tofu, such as Plain Soon Tofu or tofu with pumpkin, mushrooms , Onions and Broccoli, described Bibimbap as “a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul or kimchi and gochujang, soy sauce, or doenjang.” And different types of appetizers.

Yellers of Tapatia Mexican Food in Culver City at 4506 Inglewood Blvd. You can find dishes like the torta ahugada or the druid sandwich, a crunchy bread sandwich typically made with pork carnitas and onions “drenched” with red chili sauce, and a Cuban sandwich, and ropa vega, an intriguing specialty – meaning “old clothes” in Spanish, a dish of braised beef containing a variety of ingredients and usually a vegetable-flavored sauce, churros and pioneco, “a fruit salad consisting of a variety of fruits cut into small cubes, dipped in cream and topped with granola, shredded coconut, raisins and sometimes honey.”

Another popular Yelp restaurant on the list is Venice’s 401k Food and Wine at 2553 Lincoln Blvd. 401k Food and Wine is a gluten-free restaurant serving gluten-free baking and desserts with a menu of “things we love” such as a half-dozen Kumiai oysters, gluten-free waffles, fried chicken, zucchini blossoms, and a 16-ounce New York Strip steak. Desserts include gluten-free banana and walnut bread pudding, basil panna cotta, and caramel chocolate. The restaurant also serves gluten-free port, sherry, wine, and beer.

n/naka Los Angeles, of course, is listed as a Yelp favorite at 3455 Overland Ave. This highly regarded Japanese kaiseki led by Chef Niki Nakayama is one of the most famous restaurants in Los Angeles that has received two Michelin stars and is one of the 101 Best Restaurants in the Los Angeles Times and has an international reputation as one of the best examples of fine dining in Los Angeles.

The Sustainabowl at 150 S Barrington Ave is another highly-rated restaurant on Yelp’s list. The restaurant describes itself as “ethically sourced vegan and artisan bouquets with low waste initiative.” The website states, “Our seafood is delivered daily, our produce is locally sourced and our dishes can easily be modified to accommodate any dietary restrictions. Sustainabowl serves dishes such as the Back To Fiji Bowl, Thai Jackfruit 2.0 Bowl, and Get In My Belly Bowl.”

Located at 2309 Main St Santa Monica, Alfalfa Santa Monica also serves the Yelp menu and serves breakfast burritos, buffalo goddess salad, and Darla Abbey salad, and also has “vegetarian-friendly” vegan options. Alfalfa Santa Monica describes itself on its website as an “ingredient-driven brand backed by simple, yet unique recipes, that allow the flavor profiles of each ingredient to really shine through. To achieve this strong profile, the primary focus of all our foods is on sourcing local and fresh produce.” High quality sellers we can trust.”

Tandoori Eats scores as a Yelper favorite and is located at 10004 National Blvd in Castle Heights. It is a restaurant that serves Indian cuisine and offers Tandoori Eats “authentic, fresh and healthy Indian food. Tandoori Eats recipes are adapted to food tolerances, different types of diets and individual needs of the guests. All dishes are made to order with ingredients and spices ranging from mild to hot as per your choice.” It has vegetarian and vegan options.

LA Prime Caffe is Yelp-listed and is located at 1849 Sawtelle Blvd. The restaurant serves breakfast all day and features avocado toast, pancakes, salads, sandwiches and boba milk tea. You can even find waffles on the menu that are filled with fruits and contain Nutella chocolate sauce. Bagels, breakfast burritos, pastries, espressos and regular coffee drinks are also available.

Sushi Miyagi shuts down the Westside restaurants on this Yelp list, last but certainly not least. It is located at 150 S Barrington Ave in Brentwood. Chef Shinichi Miyagi is in charge of the kitchen and the restaurant’s website describes his life story and experience as a chef in this way. Born in Osaka, he was fascinated by the art of sushi chef at a young age and decided to devote his life as a ‘Dickey’ (apprentice) under the supervision of Mr. Higuchi at the age of sixteen. Cooking in front of a crowd) restaurant at age 25, and moved to Los Angeles at 29, where he worked in Many well-known sushi restaurants in West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and San Diego.” The website provides more details about Chef Miyagi’s style and says, “His methods and techniques of preparation follow the traditional Japanese style, to bring out the true flavors of the fish. The chef also prepares two types of rice, akazu shari (red vinegar sushi rice), and shirozu sari (white vinegar rice) The shari (sushi rice) will take turns depending on the fish being prepared, and we hope you enjoy the eclectic flavors of the different vinegars used. We look forward to seeing you very soon in our office.”

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