These are the top 5 cities in Mexico according to travel and entertainment

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American travel magazine Travel + Leisure recently published the Best World Awards 2022, the results of a survey conducted by editors and research firm M&RR. Mexico stood out for getting great reviews and recommendations.

This wonderful country has been named Best Destination 2022 and the government’s efforts to improve the tourism experience are beginning to bear fruit. According to the data collected, Travelers are now visiting Mexico more than they did before the pandemic began.

Travel + Leisure readers shared their experiences, voted and rated the best destinations in this country. Many factors were considered, such as cultural experiences, history, restaurants, infrastructure, art and food, hotels, transportation, and personal anecdotes of travelers.

Surprisingly, the Mexican cities that offer the best recommendations from travelers and experts are not coastal cities. For this arrangement, more elements were considered besides beautiful beaches and trendy destinations such as Cancun or Puerto Vallarta did not succeed.

Here are the top 5 cities in Mexico according to Travel + Leisure, and a brief description of what travelers should know about these interesting destinations:

1. Oaxaca: the food capital of Mexico

This wonderful city is located in the south of Mexico and offers travelers unique and exotic experiences. It took first place with a score of 92.96 due to its art, delicious food and drinks, welcoming of Aboriginal cultures, and its wide variety of attractions.

Readers highlighted culinary experiences such as tasting the seven types of mole – a traditional sauce – and the impressive variety of mezcals and cocktails. This city is known as the food capital of Mexico and hosts great places to eat, but it also has an interesting ancient culture and amazing traditional art.

2. San Miguel de Allende: unique architecture

This beautiful colonial city took second place with a score of 91.77. San Miguel de Allende is located in central Mexico and travelers will find exquisite Spanish architecture in this destination: from neo-Gothic churches to 18th-century temples.

Those looking for an authentic Mexican experience can find it here. Travelers will find traditional festivals with folklore music and dances, antique shops, beautiful local art and of course delicious food and even modern wine experiences. It has also gained popularity at bachelorette parties and is a magnet among American expats.

3. Mexico City: The Charming Capital

Mexico’s capital offers travelers vibrant experiences. The largest city in North America has it all: great restaurants, great museums, beautiful parks, great sights and unique attractions, and friendly people. He scored 90.90 in the survey.

Mexico City has gained a lot of popularity and last year was considered among the top 10 cities in the world. From visiting Frida Kahlo’s home to exploring Aztec ruins to eating delicious tacos in the bohemian neighborhood of Rome, there is plenty for travelers to do!

4. Merida: A Colorful Experience

This colorful destination offers travelers the chance to visit ancient temples, admire local colonial architecture, and sample delicious traditional meals. This Yucatan city is considered one of the safest in Mexico and also got a great score in the survey: 90.90.

In Merida, travelers can learn about Mayan culture and historical events and also visit nearby beaches such as Progreso on the Yucatan Peninsula. The city’s main market – which dates back to the 19th century – offers visitors great local goods, and local festivals can also be great experiences for tourists.

5. Guadalajara: Where Modernity Meets History

This large city, located in western Mexico, is famous for the popularity of tequila, the famous mariachis, and for its modern technological development. Guadalajara is a major technical center in Latin America, it has become an international business center, and also a capital of culture, and it is in this city that the most important film festival in Latin America is held.

Travelers from all over the world can enjoy this wonderful city. Visitors can explore modern infrastructures as well as the historic center with colonial buildings and neoclassical architecture.

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