“These people made me think, thank and laugh” – Muleshoe Magazine

Usually when a public figure of some sort declares that a recent election or a Supreme Court decision was the “last straw,” they seriously consider depriving the United States of their existence and moving, for example, to Qatar, Monaco, or an island in French Polynesia (Rwanda rarely enters or Iran on the list), I tend to send a note to them and offer to help pay for airfare. I think we can get by without them.

But the passing away of some of my favorite public figures leaves me weary years later. (My favorite public figures are rarely movie stars or politicians.)

Often at 12 noon, I still feel a reflexive urge to listen to Paul Harvey’s voice: “Hey, Americans! Get ready for the news!” He loved this country, and we loved it because we loved. And he was wise: “If we cannot rely on ourselves to do the right thing, how can we rely on anyone or anything else? Autonomy will not work without self-discipline.”

For years, it was the best part of a file 60 minutes The show was the last segment when perfectionist Andy Rooney wrapped up the show. Ronnie might point out that it wasn’t just our imaginations, but we were torn apart by much diminished coffee “cans” and shrinking “buckets” of ice cream. He had noticed that toilet paper rolls were shrinking in width. Along these lines, he commented, “I have learned that life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster you will progress.” The fact that Rooney had a somewhat wrong candidate in terms of political correctness and occasionally got into trouble for telling unpopular facts made me love him even more. And those eyebrows! Yes, worthy of a miser. Their “limits” are sure to clean up life-size door frames.

The late Charles Krauthammer may be a little less well known, but he’s always stunning, and he’s high on my list. He once wrote of the airport security line as “a patriotic homage to political correctness,” noting that “there is no place where more people meekly succumb to more futile inconvenience and needless humiliation of a lesser purpose.”

He didn’t say, but he might have said, that if old, elderly psychiatrists turned columnists and wheelchair users (like him) started blowing up planes, only a very blind and foolish TSA agent with all common sense was fully trained who wouldn’t engage in some very reasonable profiling and stop A little blue-haired lady walked around to pay more attention to the sulky man who was rolling over.

Krauthammer chuckled about a system that would subject an airline pilot (who has full access to aircraft controls) to a full-body scan, presumably because he may have stuffed explosives into his underwear. “Do you really think I’m a Nigerian nut job and prepare to orgy 73 virgins by sending Johnson to the kingdom?” (I’m still laughing. I should probably apologize.) Educated, yes, as a psychiatrist, Krauthammer also wrote, regarding a now ex-chief, “I was thinking [he] He was 11 years old, and he was an unsophisticated bully in the schoolyard. I was on vacation for about 10 years.” (I agree. I should probably apologize.) Death (in 2018) saved Krauthammer from more serious evidence.

I’d be surprised if you totally agree with me on my list, but I encourage you to create your own. This is obvious, isn’t it? You don’t have to agree with every opinion or comment (I don’t even agree with myself in all of my opinions) to be truly thankful to God for those who have done such a good job that made you think, thank, and laugh.

Our Father knows that we need to do many three things.

Note: Need to mention that the above opinions regarding the opinions of the above three persons are simply my own? But if someone wants to “cancel”, turn me off, or set me up, feel free. I’m feeling a bit tired, and one might say, “miserable.” After several decades of weekly and poorly written, I occasionally wonder if cancellation would be a disaster. But thanks for reading!

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