‘They can’t see you the way I do’: Ben Badgley is said to be the best contender to play MCU Mister Fantastic, and fans call him Flawless

After it was revealed that Mr. Fantastic was shown in it Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness played before the desk Actor John Krasinski has been little fan of favor, there has been a wide range of speculation as to who will play the next Reed Richards in The Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ben Badgley is said to be the number one contender to play the role The smartest man alive.

According to some rumors, Penn Badgley will be playing Mister Fantastic in the MCU

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Mister Fantastic in the movies:

John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic
John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic in Doctor Strange 2

Prior to John Krasinski, Mr. Fantastic was played by three other actors Alex-Hyde White in the unreleased 1994 film, Ioan Gruffudd in the 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four films, and finally Miles Teller in the 2015 reboot.

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Initially, when the MCU announced the Fantastic Four in 2020, fans were very excited about it and almost everyone wanted it. the desk Actor to play Reed Richards. later when Dr. Gharib 2 Released, Marvel dropped a series of mind-boggling flicks in the form of the Illuminati set without any prior notice, and among them, we finally found our favorite John Krasinski as Reed Richards.

The happiness did not last long though, as all the members of the Illuminati were killed one by one by the Vermilion Witch and Red Richards was turned into spaghetti. Despite this, fans expected him to return as Mr. Fantastic again because the murdered Reed Richards was part of a different world. But now with Sam Raimi revealing that it was purely fan service, fans are once again thinking about who he could have been, and it seems that You are The actor is a potential rival among fans.

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Is Ben Badgley as Mister Fantastic

Reed Richards, Captain of the Fantastic Four
Reed Richards, Captain of the Fantastic Four

There is no doubt that Penn Badgley is a great actor, and his work in Netflix series You prove it. According to fans, he is also young and would look accurate for this role. They went on to claim that if the rumors were true, and he was thrown, it would be an impeccable choice. And we have a few tweets showing how excited fans are about the rumor:

Although John Krasinski was Mister Fantastic’s first choice after that Dr. Gharib 2The character has received a lot of criticism about how the smartest man alive didn’t take a second to reveal the mouth of his ally Blackbolt to Wanda only to have it removed in a bizarre scene. So fans would love to see something new and more refined in the MCU as a proper Mr. Fantastic.

With John Watts out of the project, the director’s chair has yet to be filled, and over time, it will be interesting to see who takes the seats in the respective roles.

While the release date of the next MCU Fantastic Four movie is yet to be revealed, Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic can be seen in Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness that is airing exclusively on Disney+.

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