Thirty of Victoria’s best chefs under the age of 30 are on their favorite thing to eat in the state right now

Thirty is the lucky number for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival in 2022.

To celebrate 30 years, this winter is hosting a massive dinner party with 30 dishes from 30 of Victoria’s most exciting chefs under 30, and an accompanying series of smaller dinners with the same group of chefs.

Bad news? All dinners are sold out. The good news? As part of that, every chef shared their favorite things to eat in the state right now. Look, then start marking it.

Annelies Brancatisano, Hector Delle

“Tortellini filled with celery in brodo at the Romantica bar. [But] I might be a bit biased, because Jack is my good friend and roommate. His food – from the morning omelettes for his housemates to the food he and the team make – is simple, beautiful, and understated exquisiteness. Everything he cooks now makes me excited to switch a night on the couch for hot seats at Romantica.”

Anthony Nguyen, Aru

“Smoked mussels with tom and brown cannabis in Nomad, which in my opinion is a great example of something smart, fun and delicious.”

Anthony Tran, Friga

“Sandwiches from places like Hector’s Deli, Frankie’s Tortas and Tacos, Stan’s Deli and Saul sandwiches, and they are simple and delicious. In terms of comfort and food, I always tend to rely on Vietnamese food now because I am unable to enjoy my mother’s cooking much, with her in Sydney. Footscray will save And Springvale always has the solution when I need it.”

Audrey Allard, Holy Sugar

“Basque cheesecakes and custard pies, when they are a little warm. They are perfect in this cold weather.”

Bianca Johnston, singer

“Matt Podbury’s boudin noir at La Cachette in Geelong”. La Cachette is my favorite place for a Monday brunch.”

Kam Tae Yap, Amaru

“Right now, what I really enjoy is the tuna melt from Hector’s Deli. Dom [Wilton] He is also someone I worked with at the beginning of my time in Attica – and [his] Sangas are just so delicious. So easy. Nothing too complicated, just delicious sandwiches. With its new location in South Melbourne, it’s the perfect market snack.”

Karina La Delva and Tommy Collins

“All kinds of wine. I really like the level Melbourne has achieved and we keep pushing the boundaries. Great examples are Monforte, Bread Club, and Wild Life.”

Charlie Carrington, Atlas

Souvlaki in that epic Orexi joint in Oakleigh – The Next Level.

Elijah Chen, Matilda

“Wine food. A stress free dining experience, just a couple of glasses of wine, snacks and easy and delicious food that makes me happy and full. I like to cook fine dining, but just to enjoy myself, I would choose a wine bar.”

Elie Bouhdana, Radio Street of Hope

“Grilled Shrimp in Garlic Oil and Croutons from Claypots in St Kilda.”

Georgia McAllister Forte, Monforte

“Birdsnake and Chotto Motto’s new collaboration: crunchy chili chocolate. Warm spices and crunchy rice puffs, all wrapped in 60% Ecuadorean deliciousness. I can’t get enough.”

Hannah Cox, anchovies

“Persimmon. They grow everywhere. It’s the most floral fruit – refreshing and heart-warming.”

Hannah Holleran, Gimlet

Toasting albacore tuna and kalamata olives at Impla. Sitting in the kitchen bar in the cozy dimly lit dining room with a glass of natural wine and a few of these toasts, for me, is the perfect setting. “

Hana Watt, Pelota

“Nana Mokata: Thai food not made to suit Australian tastes. Eta truly is a standout for interesting flavours, good wine list and attentive service.”

Harvey Noy, Embla

“Every Nigerian served in Minamishima is special.”

Hugh Allen, Vue de Monde

“Victorian truffles. Some of the best truffles in the world come from Victoria.”

Hugo Park, Attica

“Dessert from Sucre du Jour. They are always trying to mix new flavors with a twist: delicious! In terms of delicious food, I like the sushi restaurant called Ominono; They maintain a high quality of fish and sushi even though they sell out every day.”

James Grant, Cumulus Company

“King George’s white pasta dish at Osteria Ilaria. It’s a simple dish on the surface, but [it] It has an amazing depth of flavor and warmth which I find really comforting. (They also don’t judge you when you order an extra main size portion.)”

Javier Ortiz, Smith Saint Bistro

“I don’t have any special place yet, but I love the variety and the quality.”

Gwan Yeoh, Koda

“XO pipis with Chinese cake at Ling Nan or Supper Inn. It always tastes so delicious after a long service at work.”

Kimberly Tang, Society

“Wood flat bread from Nomad for its pure and simple taste, and Nyonya kuih (and everything else on the menu) at CC Wok. It’s really humbling to see a small business boom and still giving back to the community and the less fortunate; a good family business that stays true to its roots” .

Mitch Hagg, Hazel

“I’m completely new to living in Melbourne, so I haven’t eaten out as much as I’d like, but I’ve been known to get rough blood sausages and egg burgers from Butcher’s Diner after a long day at work.”

Nagesh Scythia, Manzi

“Breakfast at Udom House. It’s delicious, nutritious and a really great start to the day.”

Nico Pasika, Maha Bar

Deli style meat, fresh bread and a selection of cheeses. It tastes good all year round and never disappoints.”

Peter Buijsse, Pt Leo Estate

“Fresh baguette from Florian. I always stop there when I’m in Melbourne; They always have the best selection of locally sourced ingredients. “

Roshin Cole, ETA

Crispy and soft, perfect bread-to-filling ratio, layers of smoked pork belly, ham, koji chimichurri and melted Emmental cheese with the perfect amount of savory pickles, mustard, and shredded lettuce for balance. Lots of salty and ham texture. And fresh in one crunchy bite. I don’t particularly like sandwiches, but that’s really something else. A juggling sandwich.”

Vic Tyson, source

“Banh Mel from Ka-com in Richmond. Anything they make is fun, but I also think it’s an excellent example of what was initially a spin-off project in response to the Covid lockdowns that has become a permanent and beloved institution.”

Vivian Huynh, Stokehouse

“Hands off the wine bars out there. For me, being able to watch a small team throw out honest food while I spend the night educating about wine is always great. Good fun – go support your local wine bar! “

Zachary Forrest, Liberty Bar

“Anything from Mono-XO. Sam Stafford is a wonderful, kind and hospitable cook. Highly recommend the lamb brains snack.”

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