This interesting ice cream flavor has been voted the most popular in New Jersey

When it comes to summer in New Jersey, the things that immediately come to mind are Jersey Shore, pool parties, Parkway traffic, barbecues, and ice cream.

Ice cream is the ultimate way to end a perfect summer day.

Serve scoops of ice cream in a cone.

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Whether you’re at the beach getting some snacks in a cone on the boardwalk or visiting your favorite ice cream shop locally, it’s a treat no one can afford to miss.

There are many ice cream places in New Jersey and most of them make their own which is what makes them unique.

My stop for ice cream is Confectionately Yours in Franklin Park.

When I was a kid my friends and I would all get together and walk there to get some ice cream.

Nobody can add strawberry ice cream.

Another great place my husband and I have been to is Gabriel’s Fountain in Martinsville. We love getting some ice cream and sitting outside to enjoy it.

I’ll throw you back, hello pop in Princeton.

Whatever place you frequent for ice cream, the big question is, what kind of ice cream do you get.

I’m going to assume my favorite flavors are either vanilla or chocolate but they can get boring.

Like I said before, the strawberry ice cream is my favourite. I know it’s not a popular product but I put some chocolate sprinkles on it and I’m ready.

Dakota Corbin via Unsplash

Dakota Corbin via Unsplash

I was so excited to see Angi’s website come out with a map of the most popular ice cream flavors to see which states had strawberries.

Spoiler alert, it’s only one state and not New Jersey. It’s Vermont. Should I move now?

I thought NJ would have some weird flavor as our most popular like rocky road or pistachio.

But the flavor of NJ ice cream is chocolate chips. Not even mint chocolate chips, just regular chocolate chips.

Angi’s most famous ice cream map (Image via

Angi’s most famous ice cream map (Image via

As a benchmark for that flavor, I’m amazed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone order chocolate chip ice cream.

I’m not saying it’s unusual, but it’s something I’ve never thought of.

If you’re interested in the rest of the country, 12 states claim vanilla as the most popular flavor, five states claim pistachio, and five states claim Naples, which I don’t think is considered a flavor but that’s a debate for another day.

Angi’s most famous ice cream map (Image via

Angi’s most famous ice cream map (Image via

Angi’s most famous ice cream map (Image via

Angi’s most famous ice cream map (Image via

If you want to grab a scoop of chocolate chip ice cream and your local place is closed, try one of these restaurants:

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