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Everything from “mini cookies” to vintage pinwheels made from a family recipe are up to compete in the first Cookie Crumble from Driving Dickinson County Partnership. The cookie baking competition included three categories – taste, presentation and decoration. Competitors came from all age groups and all levels of experience from amateurs to professionals.

The event received 30 entries and raised funds to partner with competitors ages 5 and up, according to BRE Director Amy Isaacs.

“We have some really creative people,” Isaac said. “And some of them – you wouldn’t even know they were kids they got in. And everything is unknown.”

Administrative Assistant Courtney Dixon said the number of entries exceeded expectations.

“I think we set a goal that if we get 20 engagements we’ll be really happy,” said Dixon. “We passed the 20 entry mark and we were happy with that.”

“We are thrilled with the turnout,” Isaac said.

Isaac said entries came from all over Dickinson County — not just Abilene.

“We had Abilene, Chapman, Woodbine, Enterprise — we had Herrington, but they scratched afterward,” Isaacs said. “There is hope, we had hope.”

Dixon and Isaacs felt the holidays – when so many people make cookies anyway – were the perfect time for a cookie-baking contest.

“We like things that bring people together,” Dixon said. “What better way to bring people together than food and holidays?”

The competition came with cash prizes for the winners.

It also raised funds to help support youth services in the area – cookies were auctioned after the event.

“We do a lot for the business community,” Dixon said. “We wanted to do something that would support our community members as well, and this was a way we could highlight them and what they offer and do.”

At the start of the competition, Isaac said she was looking forward to hearing what the competition judge had to say.

“I’m curious – and I want to see the winner just like everyone else,” she said. “And our online auction is important to us.”

The overall winners were a reindeer cookie, a beaver biscuit, and a brownie cake.

2nd place: Emily Engel

Big Decoration Winners:

Second place: Kayla Molinar

Third place: Janet Frolish

3rd place: Justin Folkman

Adult presentation winners:

Second place: Anita Miller

Third place: Phyllis Cheney

Youth Medal Winners:

1st place: Annali Green

2nd place: Karina Green

3rd place: Kylie Jones

1st place: Leah Scherberger

Youth Show Winners:

Second place: Annali Green

Third place: Tessa Hay Parker

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