This Jersey Shore tradition is still alive… in some places

As a kid, you might remember guys pulling heavy freezer boxes full of ice cream screaming for customers. In Wildwood and other cities the common cry was “Ice cream, fudge and dji, who will eat and ice cream!”

You don’t hear it on the beaches of New Jersey these days but guys are still there, at least in some places.

Wildwood / Jordan Janson / Townsquare Media

Wildwood / Jordan Janson / Townsquare Media

On Absecon Island – which includes Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate and Longport – the topic of allowing ice cream to be sold on the beach and who will be allowed to do so appears to resurface every few years. Ventnor hires a group of veterans who send men to sell ice cream, up and down the beach.

The topic was brought up again this spring at Ventnor City Council meetings, due to the disparity in what that city brings in tax revenue from ice cream sales compared to neighboring cities.

In neighboring Atlantic City, just across the border from Ventnor, men continue to promote the sweet taste of summer, but now the ice chest is carried on large plastic beach wheels in a wagon.

Dennis Malloy / Town Square Media

Dennis Malloy / Town Square Media

You can see condensation rising from the box from the dry ice inside that keeps the ice cream frozen. We used to ask men for a small piece to put in a bucket of water to watch it go off and steam.

Some towns only allow trucks to park on the beach at the end of the block and ring their bells to alert beachgoers that they are there.

But there’s something special about having the seller walk past your blanket and you can report it there. Last Sunday in AC a longtime regular seller named “Bird Man” was having a good day and no one seemed to care about his license or which group of sellers he belonged to.

They were just happy that the ice cream had arrived at their place on the beach.

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