This mini taco trailer and ice cream stand is a Twofer to eat in Kentucky

Quick question: When you imagine the best portable dinner and dessert combo, what comes to mind? Burger and shake? Pizza and cake? Tacos and ice cream? This is required. Because really, do you get anything more cute and casual than tacos and ice cream? no. And this is the delicious, dynamic duo that you’ll discover when you visit Sissy’s Tacos and Zoe’s Ice-Cream, two idyllic little place dining spots in Mount Washington, Kentucky.

Zoe’s Ice-Cream and Sissy’s Tacos…what a great place to eat in Kentucky!

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Tabuk: Sissy’s Taco Trailer, 580 N Bardstown Rd, Mt Washington, KY 40047, USA

Tabuk: Zoe’s Ice-Cream, 580 N Bardstown Rd #3, Mt Washington, KY 40047, USA

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