This season: 9 simple and delicious homemade ice cream recipes

With a heat wave on the horizon, which means two things to expect this weekend – paddling pools and fans will turn to golden dust, parents everywhere will dust off their barbecues and we’ll crave ice cream in the morning, noon and night!

To help with the super hot weather this weekend, why not bring a few tubs of delicious homemade ice cream? Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite ice cream recipes along with ways you can enjoy this heavenly meal of summer.

Homemade ice cream recipes:

coffee ice cream

This delicious dish requires only four ingredients, is super simple and doesn’t even require an ice cream maker like many of the other recipes out there.

Berry Ripple Ice Cream

If you prefer your ice cream for a sweet, fruity flavour, then this is the recipe for you! It’s very easy to make and is sure to satisfy those sweet cravings on a hot summer day.

Bread Crumb Ice Cream

Although it can be a little controversial, this breadcrumb ice cream is incredibly delicious and a great way to use up any leftover sliced ​​pan you may have in the cupboard.

Chocolate clementine sorbet

If you’re looking for a slightly healthier option as an ice cream alternative, this delicious sherbet recipe is just what you need.

strawberry sorbet

Containing a few unexpected ingredients, this strawberry syrup makes the most of those ripe, juicy strawberries that are in season now!

Ice cream dessert recipes:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert Sundaes

This deluxe recipe, courtesy of Nigella Lawson, is what dreams are made of and is perfect for any chocolate or peanut butter lover.

Donut Ice Cream Sandwich

A combination of two of our favorite foods; Ice cream and cake! If you have some extra time this weekend, we highly recommend giving this decadent recipe a try.

Frozen chocolate sandwiches and cinnamon ice cream

This is a fun way to assemble that half-empty tub of vanilla ice cream that’s taking up space in your freezer.

Baked Alaska

Celebrating a birthday, work accomplishment or family event this weekend? This classic Alaskan bakery recipe is the perfect dessert you didn’t know you needed. Although it may be a bit antique, it is definitely fun for the crowd!

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