TikToker says Karen tainted her to eat in her car during break

A woman on TikTok claims that Karen scolded her for eating in her car while on a break at work.

“So, I usually eat in my car because I want to be alone and not be with people at my job,” shares TikToker, Kellin (@callmekellin).

She points out that it has nothing to do with her job or co-workers, she just enjoys eating alone in her car. Keelen says she understands how strange it can sound to people – but they usually don’t say anything.

“And like, I get it. It’s a little weird,” Kaelen says. “Sometimes people stare at me, but mostly they just care about their own damn affairs. Until today, when Karen decided she would go up and knock on my window and tell me I basically said I couldn’t eat here.”

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When I asked Keelen why the woman wouldn’t let her eat there, she said it was for community safety reasons, TikToker says.

“She said her husband owns a house or villa somewhere near here, and she doesn’t feel safe knowing that people are eating in their car,” Klein continues. Then she said, ‘You obviously don’t work here because you wouldn’t know. “

Then she asks Klein why she would eat in her car if she didn’t work there.

“Lady, do you really think I’d be sitting here in 85-degree weather and eating a bowl of ramen if I didn’t work here? I’d be in my damn house,” Keelen says in the video.

At that point, Keelen claimed to have popped out her window and asked the woman to stop talking to her. “Fortunately, I got away,” she concluded.

Her video has garnered over 60,000 views since being shared on June 22. Many viewers associated with Kellin, noting that they also eat in their cars on their work breaks.

“Bruh my parking lot is happily insulated, so I did it religiously when I started my business. I feel for you,” said one user.

I know a number of my colleagues who go to their car and eat. Another wrote: “It’s not as strange as one might think.”

“I worked in a few banks and always ate in my car. Even when it rains, I need a break,” said a third.

“Bruh my parking lot is happily insulated, so I did it religiously when I started my business. I feel for you,” wrote a fourth.

Others were angry on behalf of Killeen.

One person commented: “Karenz feels threatened by a bowl of ramen now eating outside…Oh my god.”

“I can’t imagine having the nerve to shove into someone’s aisle for something as innocuous as eating! Another said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kellin for comment via a TikTok comment.

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*First Published: July 3, 2022, 3:44 PM CST

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