TikToker shows off Hack to get $3 from Burrito at Chipotle

When it comes to content that is all about improving any kind of system, especially when it comes to saving money, you know people will be on board. A video from @wyaleena goes viral on TikTok showing users how to get a full meal in Chipolte for less than $5, and commenters are shocked that the hack actually works.

In the video, two girls claim to have discovered a “hack” that allows Chipotle customers to order what is essentially a $3 burrito from the popular fast-food chain. Chipotle burritos typically cost from $6.50 to $7.50, depending on the specific protein option.

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TikToker showed off a money-saving tip by going filming the process on her friend’s smartphone: First, start building one taco yourself on soft tortillas. After determining the protein, you can add sides of rice, beans, and any sauce or toppings you like. The woman in the video emphasizes that it is important to order the tortillas on the side.

The order totals $3.35, but a TikToker friend just says “wait and see how much food” comes up. The video then goes to the woman walking into the car with what appears to be a full suitcase from the store.

Then the couple begins to unpack the bag, revealing tons of containers filled with enough toppings and veggies to assemble a whole burrito. So you pay less money to prepare the meal yourself.

TikTokers who have seen the hack have a variety of different opinions. Some appreciated the ingenuity while others noted that it created a lot of container waste in the process.

One user wrote, “I get it but plastic waste is killing me.” Another user agreed, “The amount of container waste gives me a lot of anxiety.” Chipotle as a chain recycles 49% of all its materials, and its biggest waste is cardboard.

Another commentator joked about the amount of meat: “The Chipotle staff here give you a little meat as if they raised the chicken themselves.”

A third user noted that such hacks have an impact on workers: “It’s not worth it and such a pain on workers please don’t.”

Chipotle employees shared in the comments section as well and said they hope the trend won’t gain traction.

One user said, “I’m glad customers in my place don’t do this before what I just would have done.”

Another said, “That’s why I’m so happy next week is my last day on the job at Chipotle.”

Others pointed out that ordering this way won’t get as much protein as a result, since tacos contain much less meat than burritos.

One user said, “But you hardly get any chicken.”

Another said, “This works but they skimp on protein and veggie fajita like crazy.”

However, there were some who tried this hack and said it actually works better, adding that you should put the meat and rice on the side as well.

“I did it today. Do the broth, do it yourself and get the meat on the side and rice too. You get the same amount of burritos when you get it on the side.”

Others think that by posting the hack, TikToker inadvertently spoiled it for everyone who wanted to try it: “I appreciate you trying to help people on a tight budget but by publishing it, you ruined it for everyone because now they won’t be able to do it lol” .

The Daily Dot reached out to @wyaleena for more comments on TikTok.

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*First Published: Jul 14, 2022, 11:47am CST

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