Top 10 Dean Winchester Quotes, Ranked by Rank

Fans are intrigued to see the role Dean Winchester will play winchester And if he’s going to get the chance to have any special moments or quotes, which he has a lot of all the time supernatural. Over the course of fifteen seasons, Dean has some hilarious, heartbreaking, and generally creative quotes, the best of which have been rated by Ranker users.

While many of the quotes are great, Ranker’s list contains some amazing exceptions and inclusions, a testament to the number of memorable quotes Dean has had throughout. supernatural.

all he needs

“I have no idea. But what I do is GED and attitude from hell, and I’ll find out.”

Dean talks with Bobby at the hospital in Supernatural

The odds are always stacked against the Winchesters, and most of the time, the boys vow to go down swinging if they have to go down, as shown in this quote from Dean, which challenges angels and demons.

Today display

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After being questioned by Bobby about how he plans to fight angels, demons, and Satan, Dean responds with this funny and inspiring quote. Dean may not have all the answers and tools to challenge the apocalypse, but he and the team of free will have had enough.

Turns out it was kind of right

“I’m past the rescue. I know how my story ends. It’s the end of the blade or the barrel of a gun.”

Dean talking to Cole in Supernatural

Nobody hates Dean Winchester like Dean Winchester does, and that’s a heartbreaking part of his personality all the time supernatural. Although Dean’s major in the first five seasons indicates his desire for a family life, he has abandoned beyond Lisa and Ben.

This line is spoken to Cole when he’s hunting down Dean – who he still thinks is a demon – and it’s heartbreaking. After trying and losing his apple pie life, Dean reverts to the assumption of his destiny and ends up dead in a chase. And it was made even sadder by the fact that it finally came true.

one and the same

“There is no me if you are not there.”

Dean tries to convince Sam to refuse death in Supernatural

One of the worst things Dean does with Sam, in the eyes of many, is not letting him go when Sam feels ready, and tricks him into accepting angels’ possession – which backfires. In his attempts to persuade Sam to continue the fight, Dean hits him with this great streak.

This quote not only indicates how dependent Dean is on Sam – and vice versa even if Sam does not admit it at this time – which, while toxic, is very sad and well represents much of what supernatural Around.

Standard Invitation to Cas

“Now put me to sleep, I pray for Castiel to get his feathered ass down here.”

Dean jokingly prays to Castiel in Supernatural

Not only does Castiel have one of the best public character introductions in supernatural But also many wonderful entrances when praying by the Dean. This is one of the best examples of that.

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Perhaps the funniest part of this moment is Sam, who says, “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?” After insulting Cass who ignored his prayers. This is a great spectacle overall, and Dean’s semi-ironic prayer is one of two distinct parts of it, as well as one of the funniest prayers on the show.

One might say continue

“Keep grinding. It doesn’t matter how painful it is. It doesn’t matter how hard it is. You have to keep grinding.”

Dean tells Sam they have to keep grinding into the supernatural

One of Dean Winchester’s many talents—and Jensen Ackles in the role—is giving inspiring talks about never giving up, not stopping a fight, including this one from “Beyond The Mat.”

After Sam admits he’s not feeling well, Dean vows to save Cass, kill Satan, kill Darkness, and just win. Both Sam and Dean have inspiring speeches and lines that, while surrounded by sad circumstances, have fans pumping for them a bit, and Ranker considers this to be one of the best examples.

creative pilot line

“The driver chooses the music, the gun closes his cake hole.”

Sam mocks Dean for his cassette set, and the Dean says the driver picks the musical gun that closes the cake hole in Supernatural

Many of the best and most famous quotes from the show/from Dean are missing from Ranker’s list, such as “Saving People, Hunting Things, Family Business”. But, this line from the pilot happily made it into the top five for Dean.

supernatural The pilot is a great introduction to the world and characters of Sam and Dean, and there are few scenes better than this where Sam insults Dean’s taste for classical music. Even after nearly twenty years, fans still quote this line and it’s a reason to smile when they hear it.

Classic Dean Monster Blend

“Vampire Pirates, that’s what you are… a vampire.”

supernatural He has many great running jokes, from Dean’s love of pie to “Bitch” and “Jerk” all the way to Dean creating monster mashups like Octovamp, “Manicorns”, Jefferson Starships, and in this case, “Vampirates”.

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The term was coined when Dean and Penny went looking for the nest of the old Penny who were basically pirates, and the look of pride on Dean’s face when he comes up with the name is priceless. Dean may be difficult to handle, but he’s totally obsessed with moments like these.

Enjoy the job

“Killing things that need to be killed, it’s kind of our job. Last time I checked, enjoying that isn’t a crime.”

Religion kills vampire in supernatural

Moral dilemmas related to monsters are constantly being explored supernatural, with Dean having to learn that shooting first and asking questions later isn’t always the best course of action. As a means of coping, Dean sometimes enjoyed filming a lot.

This is explained in this quote by him, with Sam stating that Dean very much enjoys killing. While this is their job, and Dean has every right to be as happy or annoyed as he wants, it says so much about his psyche and what he’s going through that he feels overly happy to break in and shake off mindless violence often.

Dean and vegetarianism do not mix

“I always knew I would find the source of all evil in a vegan bakery.”

One of Dean’s most beloved episodes supernatural, In addition to one of the series’ most rewatchable episodes, “Dog Dean Af.m.

Dean is known for having a pretty poor diet and never taking care of himself like Sam. Consistently devouring red meat and beer, while Sam appears to be more veggie-minded, it’s no surprise to see Dean feel disgusted with the concept of veggies and vegan bakeries. Even vegans and vegetarians can find this quote funny, and Ranker users obviously do too.

What is really complicated?

“Game of Thrones is complicated. Shower sex, that’s complicated. Hell, it’s not complicated. Your problem isn’t hell; it’s you.”

One of the best relationships in supernatural Is this between Dean and Crowley, and one of its best elements is how Dean calls Crowley, like here in “Do You Believe in Miracles?” When Crowley notices the intricacies of Hell.

The line is very funny and seems to be very accurate from Dean’s experiences. Game of thrones Complicated, it seems a given that Dean has tried complicated shower sex before, and by season 9, he knew Crowley well enough to know he was close enough to his worst enemies – similar to the way Dean treats himself. . However, as cool as this line is, it is surprising that Ranker has considered it the best religion due to some of its exceptions.

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