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Written by: Paulo Barrios, Katie Rose, Dominic Beachman, Alicia Flores, Kyle Morrison, and Mary Fobicki.

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The 100 Best Places to Eat in the Bay Area at Yelp is a list that’s unlike any “best of” out there. Sure, you’ll see your obvious local favorites on the menu, but it’s also full of hidden gems and off-the-track joints like the Brisbane Lunch Truck. Away from Interstate 101, with views of San Francisco Bay. From fine dining to shawarma food trucks – find it all at Yelp’s 100 best dining venues in the Bay Area.

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Topping the list of this year’s best dining venues is Vinoma, a family-owned restaurant specializing in handcrafted Argentine empanadas in Sonoma County!

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  1. Vinoma (Runnert Park)
Photo by Yelper Hoyan L

dishes: Empanadas, Argentinean, American

What they are famous for: empanadas

Yelpers says: “These are the best empanadas in the bay area…it’s near a gas station, but don’t be fooled! This is definitely a not hidden gem anymore. I’ve tried all the flavours, but my favorite is the plum and bacon while my brother enjoys the pastor.. I highly suggest you order some cooked and frozen to bake at home. The owner really cares about the quality of his food and service.” –Elite Scream Rebecca L

  1. Big H Daily (Fairfield)
Photo by Yelper Ang R

dishes: Mediterranean sandwiches

What they are famous for: Spicy chicken shawarma, roast beef sandwich, pastrami sandwich

Yelpers says: “I ordered a chicken shawarma plate, hummus/bread and a cucumber salad and my husband had a pastrami sandwich. everything. I was. So. Good. The portion was great too! ” -Yelp Elite, Cheryl H

  1. Indian Ocean Kitchen (San Francisco)
Photo by Yelp Elite Ricky K

dishes: Indian, Himalayan / Nepalese

What they are famous for: Tandoori Curry

Yelpers says: “This is probably one of the best Indian food I’ve ever had. We ordered things like Salmon Pakora, Everest Chicken Momo, Biryani, Butter Chicken Masala, Tandoori Combination and Garlic Naan. Everything was perfect and delicious. All the salmon dishes were very tender. It was The chicken was well marinated and was tender and tasty. The nanhm is huge! The food was great, the service was high there for me, and I would definitely come back here again.” –Elite Yelp Ricky K

  1. Ozalo (Runnert Park)
Photo by Yelper Ryota J.

dishes: American, Mexican, Middle Eastern

What they are famous for: A mix of cultures and flavors from the grill: grilled dishes, burgers, kabobs, sandwiches

Yelpers says: “I would never have thought of putting Latin food on Persian food but Azalu did and did it really well! The kabobs are amazing! I’ve seen a plate with giant tacos and quesadillas that looked so good I’ll be back for lunch this week! The staff is very friendly and seems very happy with what I like. This is the new brunch spot for my work week!” –Elite Scream Molly C

  1. Limoncello (San Francisco)
Photo by Yelp Elite Joy W

dishes: Italian sandwiches, prepared foods, wines and spirits

What they are famous for: Siciliano sandwich, mafioso sandwich, milano sandwich

Yelpers says: “Love this place. They have an excellent selection of Italian produce and snacks like Mulino Bianco and Perugina. Pasta, coffee, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tralli and more. But my favorite thing about Limoncello is their sandwiches. I’ve tried more – very good mafia, but My favorite sandwich ever, and probably my favorite San Francisco sandwich is the parmigiana sub. If you like eggplant parmigiana, do yourself a favor and go and try it!” – Elite Scream Stephanie D

  1. Bagel Cafe (Pleasanton)
  2. Healthy Fast Food MQ (Millbrae)
  3. Sonoma Wine Shop and La Bodega Kitchen (Sebastopol)
  4. Falafel (Belmont)
  5. Chiwat (Auckland)
  6. Lou’s Takeaway (San Rafael)
  7. Gigi’s Café (Burlingame)
  8. Farm (San Bruno)
  9. Chic n’ Time (San Francisco)
  10. Zadna Bowl (Palo Alto)
  11. Kokolo Donburi (Livermore)
  12. Literal Roots (Morgan Hill)
  13. The Mill at Glen Ellen (Glen Ellen)
  14. Turkish Grill (Sunnyville)
  15. Corner Kitchen (Concorde)
  16. Hubblet (Valejo)
  17. Tacos El Muchacho Alegre (Napa)
  18. theCafe9ine (El Cerrito)
  19. Halal Twin House & Bakery (Auckland)
  20. Gesso Latin Fusion (Healdsburg)
  21. The Saint Sandwich Shop (Auckland)
  22. Cup Cafe (San Francisco)
  23. The Good Salad (Santa Clara)
  24. Rawasif Vegetarian Café (Fremont)
  25. Bana (Santa Cruz) food truck
  26. UpForDayz Coffee, Tea & Juice (San Francisco)
  27. Salties (San Francisco)
  28. The Shota (San Francisco)
  29. Afghan Oasana Kabob (Fremont)
  30. Las Delicias de Tunita (San Jose)
  31. Modigliani Cafe (Auckland)
  32. LASO (American Canyon)
  33. Yarsa Nepalese Restaurant (San Francisco)
  34. Achilles (Santa Clara)
  35. Tang House (Union City)
  36. Bicol Thai Bistro (Fairfield)
  37. Kalevas Taco (Sunnyvale)
  38. Puranpoli (Santa Clara)
  39. BrewVino, SF (San Francisco)
  40. Southside Station (Berkeley)
  41. Diamond Slice Pizza (Auckland)
  42. Petra Middle East Kitchen (Livermore)
  43. Calabria Bros (San Francisco)
  44. Gusto Pinsa Romana (San Francisco)
  45. La Dolce Vita (Auckland)
  46. It’s Lunch Time (Santa Clara)
  47. Sam and Carrie (San Jose)
  48. Sumac (San Francisco)
  49. Breakfast Little (San Francisco)
  50. La Guerrera Kitchen (Auckland)
  51. Crostini and Java (San Francisco)
  52. Carrie Hyuga (Burlingame)
  53. East Bay Cafe Warehouse (Fremont)
  54. Fifth Quarter Charcuterie (Auckland)
  55. The Twins Restaurant (Cotati)
  56. Burmatown (Cort Madeira)
  57. Ken (San Francisco)
  58. Kumako Ramen Dean (San Jose)
  59. Nepalese cuisine (San Francisco)
  60. HOT JOHNNIE’S (San Francisco)
  61. Homedge Pizza Slice (San Jose)
  62. Truva Mediterranean Grill (Pleasanton)
  63. Seabright Daily (Santa Cruz)
  64. Pinto and Bulls (Auckland)
  65. Porky no? Taco (San Leandro)
  66. Falafel Flame Hayward (Hayward)
  67. Taza Daily and Cafe (Redwood City)
  68. Rice Genki (Fremont)
  69. Got to Go Pizza (San Jose)
  70. Margaritas Taqueria (Sunnyvale)
  71. Trattoria 360 (Campbell)
  72. Sam’s Mediterranean Deli & Cafe (Rohnert Park)
  73. Cariblo Restaurant (Redwood City)
  74. Variety Garden (Berkeley)
  75. Hidden spot – South San Francisco (South San Francisco)
  76. Mediterranean Center (Fairfield)
  77. Fresh Brew Coffee (San Francisco)
  78. Don Julius Rincon Latin Grill & Popusas (Runnert Park)
  79. Flavio’s Mediterranean Kitchen (Milbra)
  80. Alams Taqueria (San Jose)
  81. Myanmar Burmese Grilled Kitchen (Livermore)
  82. Rich Restaurant (Fairfield)
  83. Mila Bistro (Auckland)
  84. Dino Sandwich Shop (Brentwood)
  85. Rosinium Thai Street Food (Livermore)
  86. Auckland Café (Auckland)
  87. Roya Afghani Kitchen (Livermore)
  88. Sky Cafe (South San Francisco)
  89. Brisbane Lunch Truck (Brisbane)
  90. Craft Eatery (Hayward)
  91. Tuna Kahuna (Burlingame)
  92. Haleluya Ethiopian Gourmet (Fremont)
  93. Bear Beets (Newark)
  94. Eats Meets West Bulls (Belmont)
  95. Gourmet Gyros & Kebab (Redwood City)

methodology: This is an absolutely list of the best places to eat in the Bay Area according to Yelp. We identified businesses in the Restaurant category on Yelp, then ranked those locations using a number of factors, including overall size and review ratings. This list looked at businesses in and around the Bay Area. All businesses are marked as open on Yelp as of June 27, 2022. When available, all companies on this list have a successful health score as of May 13, 2022.

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