Top 25 Donut Shops in the US | Food and recipes

We asked, you answered. We surveyed Feast and Field readers for their favorite donut (err, donut?) stores, big and small. Here are some of your top picks across the US – coast to coast.

Sublime Donuts, Georgia

With two locations in Atlanta (and one in Thailand!), Sublime Donuts are loved by locals and have been seen everywhere from Food Network to Food & Wine. Do you want to make amazing cakes at home? Find out how, here.

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Weird Donuts, Missouri

Strange Donuts has been voted Best Donuts in St. Louis for six years in a row, has four locations across Missouri, and makes beloved donuts from scratch daily. They also have a charitable arm, Strange Cares, a non-profit organization that aims to empower children’s lives with the help of partners Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Children’s Heart Foundation, and Girls on the Run.

Whole Donuts, North Carolina

You can watch these fermented, imperfect buns (yet still somewhat perfect) being hand rolled and glazed right in front of your eyes. Promoted by Bon Apétit and National Geographic as a can’t-miss shop, we couldn’t agree more.

Sidecar Donuts, California

Describing themselves as “the freshest cakes in the world”, we think this is probably true because they make the freshest cakes by hand, every hour, using the finest and freshest ingredients.

Blooming Bans Bakehouse, Nevada

Blooming Buns Bakehouse is an artisan bakery located in Las Vegas that specializes in brioche buns made daily, fermented overnight. Their cupcakes come in the form of Beignets and CookieBuns, which are thick, sticky muffin tops that look like cookies.

Death Donutz, Oregon

In an effort to reduce waste, Death by Donutz handcrafts a limited batch of delicious donuts every morning. Arrive early for the best selection of a wide range of flavors, including gluten-friendly donuts/vegan donuts and Raised Vegan donutz.

Donut House, Colorado

With nine locations in Colorado, The Donut House is a favorite among its patrons. Daily a variety of handcrafted cakes are brought to the table, including original cakes, old-fashioned cakes made with sour cream, and yeast cakes (or what they call “raised”).

Five Girls Bakery, Tennessee

A family bakery run by a couple – and you guessed it – their five daughters, Five Daughters Bakery’s interior is as cute as a delicious cupcake. Their products do not contain chemical preservatives, GMOs, hydrogenated oils, or artificial colors or flavors.

Sandy Donuts, North Dakota

With three locations throughout Fargo, Sandy’s Donuts is a wonderful establishment that produces over 10,000 homemade donuts – daily. They are all prepared fresh every night, and the leftovers are packed and sent to shelters.

Icon Donuts, Iowa

Derived from the word “iconic,” Icon Donuts honors places and moments in history with delicious cakes and artistic designs. With 2018 recently opening, it has already expanded to two locations, and it’s an immediate favourite.

Glazed Donuts, Florida

Headed up by two rising culinary stars, Megan and Jonathan Pidgeon, Glazed Donuts is the southernmost donut shop in the continental United States, located in Key West, Florida. Though, we’d travel further afield to sample the signature pancake, brownie and glazed cakes.

Cups and Donuts, Michigan

Cops & Donuts is widely considered a dynamic duo, and they stay true to their name. When this century-old café was preparing to close, the local police department came to their rescue. Together, the officers saved the company, and today, it boasts multiple locations across the state—and is still owned and operated by police officers.

Paula’s Donuts, New York

Hand-cut, family-owned and operated Paula’s Donuts are baked the old-fashioned way at each of their four different locations. You will never find unnecessary grease on one of their cakes. That is, on one of more than 30 species.

Nightlight Donuts, Texas

Not only did Waco give us Chip and Joanna Gaines, but he also gave us very good Nightlight cupcakes. Don’t miss their Croissant Donut, and while you’re there, be sure to grab some ridiculously large donut holes.

Federal Donuts, Pennsylvania

Federal is known for its “affordable comfort classics with unexpected flavors,” and it comes from five hospitality professionals. Stop in for customer favorites, including the signature Hot or Fancy Donuts, served with twice-fried, extra-crunchy chicken covered in dry spices, delicious glazed or naked.

Sugar Shack Donuts, Virginia

When Sugar Shack identified the need for a “new kind of donut that offers more vibrant, funky flavors,” they created an almost entirely vegan shop. However, don’t worry: According to Sugar Shack, most customers can’t even tell they’re vegetarian first. embarrassed!

Greenbush Bakery, Wisconsin

As Madison’s only certified kosher bakery, Greenbush also strives to bypass U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) trans fat requirements with products fried in 100% soybean-based oil. At Greenbush, you can find their slogan, “Kosher means quality,” not only in their marketing, but in their cakes as well.

Indian Parlor Donutsa

With roots in Evansville as well as locations across the country, Parlor’s unique “multi-layer cake” has mushroomed in popularity since opening its first store in 2019. Our creative director’s personal favorite is the flavor of French toast, but with more than 20 variations such as the Maple Bacon And churro, any of them will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Vera Donuts, Montana

Our 100% vegan donut shop, Veera Donuts, is pure as is. With fresh, unique and colorful cakes daily, all products are made from beets or sugarcane that have not been processed with bone charcoal.

Drip in Scoop, New Jersey

Known as a hotspot for donut lovers, Ocean City houses this local gem. Drip N Scoop specializes not only in cakes but also in ice cream all year round. Or indulge in a cup of iced coffee served with a donut on your crust.

LaMar’s Donuts & Coffee, Nebraska and more

After mastering the original donut recipe in 1933, Ray Lamar opened his first Lamar donut in 1960 in Missouri. Today, you can enjoy one Lamar donut in five different states.

Hurts Donut Company, Arizona

With $7 in a bank account, a YouTube cake-making tutorial and equipment purchased from Craigslist to get you started, Hurts has grown from its humble beginnings to a nationwide success with more than 20 sites offering its popular products.

Donut Cowboy, Wyoming

The staff at Cowboy Donuts gets up at 1 am every day to make fresh, handcrafted donuts, pastes, and setters. From there, each donut is perfectly fried and glazed into what they call “portable happiness devices.” If this isn’t a dedication to their profession, we don’t know what is.

Hi Five Donuts, Kentucky

We all know Kentucky is famous for its bourbon, so what about donuts? At Hi Five, customers can choose their own adventure, with a myriad of glazes and toppings to choose from. Or try one of their famous Kentucky Fried Butter Chicken, Bourbon Caramel with Bacon or Chukka Donuts. No matter what you choose, it doesn’t seem like you can go wrong.

Revival of City Donuts, Illinois

As they strive to return the word to its original spelling – Donut! —Revival City Donuts offers classic dishes like sprinkles and original glazed chocolate rings. We’re not sure, but they might convince us.

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