Top 3 Things to Eat at Universal Orlando This Week (July 3, 2022)

In the USA, we celebrate the colonial revolution by blowing things up and eating food that isn’t good for our digestive system. Yes, that’s what the citizens of the United States did on July 4thThe tenth weekend. For the sake of celebrating all, be safe and have fun. For those of you lucky enough to be in Universal Orlando to celebrate this week, I offer some food suggestions for this week.

Since the largest number of sausages were eaten in the United States on July 4The tenthWe need a hot dog place this week. Fortunately, Universal Orlando introduces the Hot Dog Hall of Fame in the CityWalk area. If you enjoy hot dogs, you can’t go wrong with any of these baseball-themed options. Also, if you’re looking to feed more than one person, a two-foot-long hot dog offers great value for the same as some of the counter-service menu items designed to feed just one person.

Image courtesy of the Univeral Food Blog

Then, some new menu items have appeared at Universal Orlando over the past week or so. The scheduled menu in Green Eggs and Ham in Islands of Adventure has finally changed from an online makeover to reality. Brisket Philly Tots have been replaced by Pork Carnitas Tots. Early reviews of this look good. These cost $10.99. The menu description reads roast pork, jalapenos, tomato sauce, green onions, lemon cream and white cheese sauce over tits. A full review based on different guest experiences with this new menu item will be featured in the coming days.

Photo courtesy of KImmie Caputzal

Finally, since July 6The tenth Named National Fried Chicken Day, you might want to honor this ingredient food holiday. If you want fried chicken but not in nuggets or tenders, go to Circus McGurkos Stowe-Pendos. As the restaurant’s title should indicate, this quick service option is located at Seuss Landing in Islands of Adventure. A fried chicken dish here will cost $13.99. A piece of fried chicken comes with fries, a cabbage salad and some cornbread. The fried chicken here wouldn’t meet Publix standards but for food court food in the theme park, the food served up a decent taste. However, the rest of the menu, including sides with this chicken, are below average prices here.

Once again, I hope you enjoy (or enjoy) your weekend here in the USA. As usual, eat as you mean it!

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