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Ease of use: It should be a straightforward, easy-to-use tool that enhances organization rather than detracting from cumbersome steps and technological difficulties. We looked at whether the directions were easy to understand, paying attention to QR codes and tutorials rather than the text-heavy options, from the moment the device was unpacked to the final label at hand. Also, we analyzed how easy it is to use the corresponding applications without extensive training by downloading the application, printing on preset settings and then moving on to more complex templates, font changes, and additional settings. We monitored print quality, speed, and connectivity. Finally, when we were tearing up labels, we also asked ourselves if it would be easy for a young child to do this, or if most people could do it with one hand, to ensure full access to most users.

Privacy: We also monitor privacy, because no label maker should demand your personal information to write “exact” on a food storage container, let alone your phone number, address, age, or other data. David C. Williams, Director of Superior Automation at AT&T, reminded us that when an app, such as a label maker service, requests personal information, we choose. “I recommend people have a brief decision point: What will I get in return?” He said that anything beyond asking for your email address might be too much, and that you can also check that the app has at least four stars and 40-50 ratings/reviews, which you can check out.

We monitored which apps required personal information the most, and those that didn’t need anything at all to set up, to make sure users could quickly transition to printing without getting bogged down by security questions or concerns.

style and size: While a label maker doesn’t have to be the best thing to own, it helps you love a product a little more when it’s stylish, including the color and shape of the device, and the labels it actually produces. We also examined how heavy or bulky the label makers were. It should be portable enough to keep with you when you find a place for every item in your home, a guiding principle for the Konmari Marie Kondo method. (“Is this joyful?” may evoke your memory.)

“I love the idea of ​​a portable label maker that can be by your side while arranging. Instead of having to type in all the labels or run them on your computer every time you need to print a label, the portable label maker makes it even more convenient,” says Kondo. “I recommend a label maker that is compact and easy to carry with you.”

To determine the most commonly used sizes, we checked weight and dimensions, and kept each product on hold to see how easy it was to use.

Careers: More than anything else, it is important that your Bluetooth sticker maker actually works well to serve its purpose. Williams explained that a properly functioning Bluetooth device works best when it is fully charged to properly transmit Bluetooth signals. He also recommended looking for a Bluetooth 2.0 device and making sure the box clearly states that the product is compatible with the device you’ll be using, such as your specific phone type.

“Read the finer details. Read the details. I won’t just pick your favorite color,” Williams said, adding that you want to invest in a product, not just pick the cheapest one. “You get what you pay for,” he said. The $19.99 option might be great right now, but you’ll probably regret not getting the $50 option.” He added that you should consider the frequency of intended use and the complexity of your projects. You probably need something with more horsepower.”

Other aspects of functionality include the app’s ability to remember your style preferences, including previous labels you’ve created, and that it works quickly and efficiently. We monitored print speed, accuracy in label cuts, label quality, printed text, and consistency through repeated use.

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