Twins Donuts offers innovative sweets through Instagram sales

There are plenty of great donut places in Vancouver and one of them is a one-woman endeavor that is strictly sold out through Instagram.

Based in Burnaby, Twins Donuts is a baking venture by Leslie G. It offers homemade desserts in many creative and swirling flavors such as dulce flan, strawberry cheesecake, and avocado cream.

Dished had the opportunity to chat with Leslie a little bit about how to start her own fast-growing business.

Named after her and her twin wife, the idea for Twins Donuts came to Leslie after she heard about a New York woman who started her own donut business from home.

This has become my “aha” moment, she says, as she’s been dreaming of opening her own donut shop in Vancouver since moving here from the Philippines seven years ago. Leslie has worked as a chef at several downtown Vancouver restaurants in the past, which has put her ahead when it comes to the culinary arts.

She began testing donut recipes, and had her wife and neighbors try them to see if they were good because, she says, “[I had] I’ve never made donuts in my life before, but what I know is how to make flavors and good food.”

The cupcakes were a huge success, and from there I started with six flavors that I posted on Facebook and Instagram. Her first customer was a neighbor who bought six donuts: “After trying our donuts she gave us great reviews. Surprisingly she followed every post we made and posted a comment about how delicious they are. [it was] And how was the best donut I’ve ever had.”

“After her notes, she gave me a push to try again for another week,” Leslie shares.

From there, she continued to receive more and more orders, producing cakes twice a week, until the orders became so frequent that she began making up to 10 dozen cakes a day.

“I set a limit of 10 dozen because I wasn’t sure if I was able to produce it because I’m doing it on my own.”

Just as business began to recover earlier this year, Leslie was forced to halt operations and “canceled all orders for liability reasons. We were sad, but we had to be more responsible for what we were doing and doing it the right way.”

After canceling all orders on Valentine’s Day, Leslie was finally unable to come back again during the first week of June.

“We don’t have a storefront—everything is pre-ordered and pick-up only,” Leslie says. Each order is at least a half dozen, and Leslie now offers eight different flavors.

“My concept was to create flavors that aren’t too sweet and are common in the donut scene in Metro Vancouver,” explains Leslie. “Personally, sweets are nothing.”

Its goal is to make cakes that aren’t sparsely sweet in flavor profiles that will make people want more, and not stop at one dessert too much.

Now that Twins Donuts are back in the game, they’re set to become one of Metro Vancouver’s most popular service providers – an amazing feat in a city that loves donuts.

You can order cakes from Leslie’s through her Instagram account.

Pickup takes place every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the A5-5279 Still Creek in Burnaby.

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