Twisted Vine brewery moves from West Des Moines to East Village

Des Moines acquired another brewery last month with the opening of Twisted Vine Brewery in the East Village.

Twisted Vine has taken over a massive beer garden, moving from its original location at 3320 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines, to a 7,500-square-foot lot at 112 SE Four St.

There will be a big opening in August as brewers continue to ramp up production in the new space, said Dalene DeGeest, one of the seven partners that run Twisted Vine.

“We had to prepare everything before we could brew and that was the biggest challenge,” DeGeest said. “You open and people want Twisted Vines but we need two weeks to make it.”

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A quirky patio view of the Vine Fireworks in Principal Park at 112 SE Fourth Street in Des Moines.

The new brewery features a 30-foot-tall bar with 24 spouts, but currently only about 10 Twisted Vine beers are available, including the easy-to-drink First Run Blonde Ale and the smooth Triclops Tripel.

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The second bar, with 19 taps, opens through garage doors to a sprawling, dog- and kid-friendly patio with views of the State Capitol and Principal Park. In August, the brewery also plans to start serving snacks and appetizers such as soft pretzels, chips and sauce.

This move was a good opportunity to introduce special events and join the East Village community, DeGeest said. Many of the brewery’s partners — DeGeest and her husband Ron, original partners Brian Sabus and Steve Becker, Tim Fight, Rob Ware and Jerry Flint — are also cyclists and want the brewery to have access to the bike paths.

The interior of the Twisted Vine Brewery at 112 SE 4th St.  In Des Moines.

“It’s really just location, location, location,” DeGeest said. “It’s like a dream come true. There’s still so much to do but it’s amazing. It feels like home already.”

The certified Twisted Vine building was built in 1874 and named to the East Village listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The brewery occupies the entire first floor with a capacity of 665 people including the courtyard.

In 2016, the brewery and tap room moved from a space inside the Madison City Winery in St. Charles to the former home of Denny Arthurs at 3320 Westown Pkwy. in West Des Moines.

Ron Ware, one of the seven partners at Twisted Vine Brewery, stocks hops for brewing at 112 SE 4th St.  , Des Moines.

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DeGeest said they wanted to preserve the building’s historic character, by incorporating unusable floorboards into the table tops. Originally home to Central Oil Works, the brewery plans to convert a former money vault into a miniature museum documenting the building’s history and that of Twisted Vine.

In the East Village, Twisted Vine is just a block from the Peace Tree Brewing Co. and 1717 Brewing Co. DeGeest said she considers proximity an advantage to be within an “hermetic community” of brewers.

DeGeest said, “I really hope this market area becomes a craft beer destination. I’ve been to a lot of cities where craft breweries are at some distance from each other, and my husband and I stay there precisely for this reason.”

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A ride on the Twisted Vine Brewery at 112 SE 4th St.  With De Vine IPA, First Run Blonde, Raspberry Tart and Triclops Tripel.

Twisted vine hours and location

Tabuk: 112 SE 4th Street, Des Moines

hours: Open Monday to Thursday 3-10pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-11pm and Sunday 11am-8pm

Contact: 515-720-2940,

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