Two deputies crashed into a vehicle outside Asheboro Donut Shop

(Scott Pilkey/Acme News)

ASHEBORO NC (Arabco News)Two deputies from the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office have been taken to hospital after being hit by a car while crossing the road in Asheboro.

According to Randolph County 911, at 12:31 p.m., a deputy in the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office reported over the radio that she and another deputy had been hit by a car in front of Glaze King Donuts on Albemarle Road.

Candy Bowman was driving on Albemarle Road preparing to turn left on Liwallen Road when she witnessed the accident. “I went up to them as they crossed the road. I was stopped at a light and another driver was coming and she was getting close to my lane and I thought she was going to hit me,” Bowman said. “I heard the impact but didn’t feel anything and then I looked and saw the officers on the road and jumped to help.”

(Scott Pilkey/Acme News)

The sheriff’s office says the two deputies, a correctional employee and a deputy who works for the department’s child support division, were crossing the street to check on someone who was lying near the exit ramp in front of the car wash when the car hit them. The two deputies were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Officials in the sheriff’s office say both lawmakers were on alert after the incident.

The Ashiboro Police Department is currently investigating the incident. More information will be added as it becomes available.

Update 2/11/22 4:20 PM — A press release from the Asheboro Police Department sheds more light on the incident. According to that press release, Deputy Hugo A. Gomez and Chelsea Deputy J. Bigelow are in the area when they hear a care check sent to someone lying on the lawn near the car wash and the entrance to I-73/74. The couple parked their patrol cars in the Glaze King Donuts car park and were crossing Albemarle Road on foot. That’s when police say the two were hit by a silver 2000 Toyota RAV4 heading west on Albemarle Road. Driver Sharon Craven-Cheek and front passenger Jimmy Neal Barnes were not hurt. Both Vice Gomez and Vice Bigelow were transported by Randolph County EMS to a local medical facility. The press release says eyewitnesses at the scene said a silver 2000 Toyota RAV4 drove through a red light at the intersection of Albemarle Road and Lualen Road.

Driver Sharon Craven-Cheek has been charged with violating a red light and failing to slow to avoid a pedestrian. Asheboro Police are asking anyone with information to contact Officer Osborne at 336-521-9020.

(Scott Pilkey/Acme News)

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