Two-ingredient sauce for pork chops

Easy is the name of the game this week, as it’s still just as different as spring – although we’re close – and Covid is still on. But a few recipes keep me going and bring some energy to my routin: Ali Slagel Pork Chops, topped with a mustard-jam sauce, and Eric Kim salmon, glazed with a mixture of red pepper, maple syrup, butter, and rice vinegar. Also, the polo naz deravian – dill rice, from Iran – is the perfect springtime teaser, a luscious green moment that will resonate with dill lovers (me!).

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Ali Slagl strikes again with the pork chops that preserve the freshness of the meat, and a two-ingredient sauce to finish off the dish. Made with granulated mustard and fruit preserves, this sauce is refreshing and sweet, and goes well with potatoes and a green salad.

Love this easy recipe from Eric Kim. The maple red chili syrup sauce is what shines here, figuratively (it’s delicious) and literally (the rich, irresistibly rich salmon fillet shines).

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J. Kenji López-Alt wrote this recipe with a column about wok hei, the Cantonese name for the smoky flavor and aroma you can find in restaurant dishes cooked in a skillet over strong flames. You can use a small kitchen torch to approximate the effect. But if the blowing flame doesn’t say – I don’t – you can skip it and still have a hearty dinner filled with mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, and green onions. (You also don’t need a frying pan; a heavy skillet does.)

This recipe in the New York Times Cooking Archives is from celebrity chef and author Jamie Oliver, and it’s fantastic and remarkably simple. Its tremendous flavor comes from garlic (lots of it), olives, and anchovies. Feel free to use all the thighs or all the breast meat if you like.

Watch this recipe.

I’ve had this Iranian rice from Naz Deravian for dinner twice this week: once fragrant and fresh, accompanied by wonderful grilled salmon, and then again as leftovers, with steamed broccoli and a poached egg liquid on top. It’s great and will freshen up simple accompaniments, such as plain fish or chicken. Both recipes are from Nas’s 2018 cookbook, The Bottom of the Pot.

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