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After ramen has been popular in Japan for more than a century, ramen is becoming more accessible in America. And this week in Vacaville.

Ramen 101 opened in the Nut Tree Plaza on Wednesday. The chain originated from East Bay, and the Vacaville site was the most recent.

Manager Lee Wind said several clients from Vacaville at the East Bay location have asked if there are plans to open Ramen 101 in their neck of the woods.

“Vacaville customers come to Concord to order ramen,” he said. “They said, ‘Why don’t you come and open up in Vacaville, and maybe you can find a better location around the Nut Tree District?”

When I opened up a space at the former Westhaven Solar site, Wind went for it.

Chiang “Benny” Lin Ramen 101 was founded by a Japanese national who became well versed in ramen recipes before moving to California. He spent 25 years perfecting the craft, including two trainings under the supervision of a Japanese chef.

Tonkotsu Ramen which grills pork, boiled eggs, kekraj mushrooms, bamboo shoots, fresh green onions, sprouts, and fish cake is one of the signature dishes at the newly opened Ramen 101 restaurant in Nut Tree Plaza shopping mall. Rosenbaum – reporter)

“He brought pretty much all the Japanese ingredients to open Ramen 101,” he said.

Lynn opened his first ramen 101 in San Leandro in 2017 and additional locations in Antioch, Concord, Dublin, Emeryville, Livermore and Pleasanton. In recent years, it has expanded beyond its East Bay headquarters into cities such as Elk Grove, Rocklin, and Sacramento. Vacaville’s first location is in Solano County.

Wind said Lin chose the name because it reflected the number of sites he eventually wanted to open.

“Benny has a dream,” he said. “He wants to open 101.”

Ramen can best be described as a layer of wheat noodles with different types of meat, vegetables and eggs served as toppings and soup broth used as a base. Ramen 101 has many different varieties that you can try. Wind said the most popular include tonkotsu ramen — which features grilled pork, boiled eggs, kekraj mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and fish cake. black garlic ramen – with black garlic and roasted pork; And chicken and seafood types of ramen.

Ramen stands out from other soups by its thick, creamy, and often spicy sauces, but Wind says Ramen 101 has regained its texture a bit.

He said, “From 1 to 10, (the original ramen) would be 8 or 9.” “We lowered the cream level for the customer, so our broth level is pretty much cream level 6. Even kids can drink all of the soup too.”

Tonkotsu Ramen, which grills pork, boiled eggs, kekraj mushrooms, bamboo shoots, fresh green onions and sprouts, and fish cake is one of the signature dishes at the newly opened Ramen 101 restaurant in the Nut Tree Plaza shopping mall.

Most ramen 101 dishes use pork broth, but there is also vegetarian ramen with vegetable broth topped with tofu, bean sprouts, green onions, corn, and bamboo shoots, making it suitable for vegetarians.

But it’s not just ramen on the ramen 101 menu. The restaurant also serves Hawaiian BBQ. Dishes include 2 tablespoons of rice, 1 scoop of pasta and vegetable salad, and meat entrees such as kalbe short ribs, chicken katsu, teriyaki chicken, and BBQ beef.

Since the soft opening of Ramen 101, Wind said he’s had a lot of positive feedback on the food, service, and void that has been filled.

“We have ‘customers who said, ‘Finally, we opened in Vacaville’ ‘so they don’t have to go to Concord to get ramen,'” he said.

Wind hopes to bring variety to Vacaville’s residents.

“I hope we can bring different Asian foods to town,” he said. “They can try something different, not the everyday salad or burger.”

Wind especially thinks ramen will be a big hit in the winter.

“A lot of people want something exciting,” he said.

Ramen 101 is located at 1637 E. Monte Vista Ave. , No. 103, next to Panera Bread at Nut Tree Plaza. The current hours are from 11 am to 9 pm daily. The restaurant is open for indoor and outdoor dining. For more information, call 359-4251.

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