Watch: 6 Quick Tips to Make Shumina Street Style Like a Pro

Indian street food plays a major role in defining the food culture of the country. And if you explore, you’ll find that every street food has its own fan base. Take chowmein for example. Desi style noodles mixed with veggies, eggs, chicken and spices – chowein never fails to appeal to the heart strings. So much so that we try to replicate it at home every now and then. But let’s agree—it’s pretty hard to get that perfect street-style chowmein texture. Even after following the rule book word for word, we often end up making pasta starchy. Have you ever wondered why?! The secret lies in how the pasta is boiled, says food blogger Parol. According to her, giving the noodles a perfect boil is paramount to making the perfect street-style choumi dish.

That’s why Parul took to her YouTube channel “Cook With Parul” to demonstrate how to make chowmein in street style; Also, I have shared some quick tips that will help you get the desired taste and texture (pasta) every time. lets take alook:

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Street Style Choumen Recipe: 6 Quick Tips on How to Boil Noodles:

  • Add salt while the pasta is boiling to improve the flavour.
  • Add the pasta only when the water boils well over high heat. Adding pasta in cold water makes it starchy.
  • Don’t boil the pasta completely—instead, let it boil at 75% and the rest will be done while you cook.
  • Rinse the pasta in cold water once the boiling water has been filtered.
  • Once the water drains, spread the pasta on a tray and let it dry.
  • Grease the pasta with some oil.

Now that you have a well-boiled pasta, learn how to make a street-style vegan chowmein.

How to make a street style vegan chow mein:

1. Finely chop the vegetables, red, yellow and green peppers, onions, carrots, green onions, ginger, garlic and green peppers.

2. We take a frying pan, heat the oil on high heat, add ginger, garlic and green pepper and fry them.

3. Add chopped onions and fry. Don’t cook too much to keep the vegetables fresh.

4. Add the rest of the vegetables and stir over a high heat.

5. Now, add black pepper, soy sauce, red pepper sauce and tomato sauce and mix. Add vinegar too.

6. Add the noodles and salt to taste and stir well.

The bowl of noodles is ready to serve. Always remember, do not add salt while frying vegetables. Removes crunch from vegetables.

Watch the full recipe video for street style vegetables here:

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Try it today and let us know if the tips worked for you. enjoy your meal!

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