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June 21

My favorite cake, 10174 West Broad Street – The following violations were reported during a routine inspection: Facility was unable to provide a parasite destruction letter from a lox distributor; Milk and cream at the self-service coffee station are kept on time but there is no written policy for time control; There is no consumer warning on the menus indicating that salmon is cold smoked; Knives in use are improperly stored in a crevice between the preparation unit and the table.

china house, 4703 Nine Mile Road – The following violations were reported during routine inspection: hand basin had no paper towels; cooked chicken colander, whisking, chopping, grater is dirty; Cooked chicken wings warm up; The facility thermometer does not work; Cardboard should not limit the shelves; Egg cartons should not be reused; The wood next to the sandwich unit is not sealed; The wire shelves in the passenger compartment are severely rusty; Some tongs and other utensils are in poor condition; Accumulation of food debris and dry grease is observed on the sides of the pan and wok station, on refrigerator shelves, in utensil boxes, on fan clips and room fans; Multiple roof tiles are damaged; several burnt out lights; Heavy dirt buildup is observed on the grease trap by the three-compartment sink and on the walls, especially behind the cooking equipment and sink.

Marco’s Pizza, 7000 Forest Avenue – The following violations were reported during routine inspection: can opener and can opener stand are dirty; The spinach gets hot on the line because the pan is overfilled; A box of single service items incorrectly stored on the floor; Some ceiling panels are dusty.

June 22

publix, 5400 Wyndham Forest Drive – The following violations were reported during a routine inspection: wires on fryer baskets are bent in several places; Dust, grease and food residues are observed on the surfaces of heaters, pans, toaster ovens, dry equipment racks, racks, fan grills inside mobile coolers, dry coffee mats and cup holder carts; Food residue and dust were observed on floors below and behind equipment, storage racks and walk-in coolers.

International Pancake House, 4840 South Laburnum Avenue – The following violations were reported during follow-up inspection: handwashing sign illegible; Warm turkey breasts, ham, and shredded cheese in the two-door cooler on the cooking line; Warm mixture, pepper jack cheese, American cheese, and tomato slices on highest setting; Pancake batter mixture, omelette, and two other bowls in Lowboy’s time control are all past their disposal time.

Starbucks Coffee Company, 11332 Nuckols Road – The following violations were reported during routine inspection: coffee and food residues were observed within cabinets, drawers, low gate and on oven roofs; Dirt and coffee build-up is observed on floors under equipment, behind equipment in the front service line, behind the ice machine, and on storage racks.

June 23

publix, 10250 Staples Mill Road – The following violations were reported during routine inspection: food and grease residues noticeable on pan surfaces and dry storage; The floors in both coolers are not smooth and can be cleaned easily.

Carini Italian Restaurant, 3718 Williamsburg Road – The following violations were reported during a routine inspection: The facility does not have a certified food protection manager; more than eight cans in dry storage severely buckle / buckle at the seam; improperly stored raw shrimp and calamari on top of ready-to-eat lettuce and lemon; Raw shrimp are improperly stored over ready-to-eat food in a small preparation unit; The snow machine has a layer of black build-up inside; The temperature of onions cooked on the line rises after 2 hours of refrigeration; The lasagna cooked last night in the walk-in room warmed up; Sausage, pasta, diced tomatoes, salami and tomato sauce warmed in the sitting room; The menu does not contain consumer instructions for the prime rib steak, which can be cooked to order; improperly cooled lasagna in a container covered with foil; Spaghetti is improperly cooled in a deep container that is too full; improperly defrosting salmon in containers containing low oxygen in the sitting room; I noticed two dirty knives on the cooking line stored in a dirty cardboard holder and a dirty plastic holder; An ice cream scoop, salad knives and a tablespoon for stirring tea are improperly stored in water at room temperature; Cardboard should not be used to line the shelves of the cooling compartment; Walking cooler does not keep foods at an appropriate temperature; The shelves in the salad dressing unit and long access salad are rusty; There are damaged floor tiles in cold storage and damaged ceiling tiles in dry storage; Paint is cracking on the walls in the back of the kitchen.

religious, 6598 West Broad Street – The following violations were reported during a routine inspection: Soap dispenser in handy kitchen sink not working properly; dried food leftovers inside the microwave on the cooking line; Temperatures of multiple types of cheese in a sandwich unit are elevated; The cutting board on the cooking line is scratched and heavily stained; Noticeable grease and dried food residue build up under pans and inside the sandwich unit and knife container; Accumulation of dried food debris on floors is observed by equipment located along the cooking line.

little angela, 10246 Staples Mill Road – The following violations were reported during routine inspection: noticeable black residue inside the ice maker and on soda guns in the bar; a large amount of tomato sauce is improperly covered during cooling in the refrigerating chamber; The cutting boards of the preparatory unit are scratched and heavily stained; Flour, dust and dried food residues are observed on the surfaces of all wire storage shelves, pots and pans containers; Accumulation of food and flour residues is observed on the floors and walls in the refrigerating chamber and in the mop pan; Roof panels and vents are dusty.

June 27

Park Lane Tavern, 2251 Old Brick Road – The following violations were reported during a routine inspection: No disinfectant was detected in the bar saucer machine; Found mold inside the ice machine; Noticeable food residue on the chopping blade and guard; The temperature of fried onions under the heat when scrolling through the window is too low; high temperatures of many foods in different units (raw burgers, raw shrimp, raw fish, washed eggs, lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese); Chemical spray bottles in the dish area, waiting station and bar are unlabeled; Small flies are observed next to the bar dish machine; Water and food residues collect on the floor and corrode the plaster; The cutting boards in Lowboy refrigerators are heavily scratched; Water from the preparation unit drips onto the floor through the conveyor furnace; the rusk unit gasket is torn off; Rusty walking racks. screw missing from top cover of low pan through grill; The sides of the equipment in the cooking line and under the grill are greasy; The presence of food residues is observed under the hood of the preparation unit opposite a conveyor oven; The mop sump does not have a double check valve installed; Air vents in the ceiling and wall at the cooking line and fan guards in the cockpit are dusty; Grease builds up on the floor under the equipment.

BBQ hook and seafood, 8191-B Brook Road – The following violations were reported during routine inspection: noticeable mold buildup inside the ice machine; The barbecue temperature in the hot storage unit is too low; Burgers cooked outside, fish sitting on ice, macaroni and cheese and baked beans in Papin soar; clean utensils improperly stored in sanitizer; Many surfaces need cleaning (shelves throughout the facility, inside units including shelves, sides of equipment on the cooking line, floors and walls behind cooking equipment and dish area); Dense grease buildup is observed on the hood.

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