We are now in the Dunkinflation stage

Dunkin’ used to be the only place you could get a meal for $5, but now you’re in luck if your coffee alone costs less than seven dollars.

I’m about to the end of the rope. My rent rose. Raw vs. Wade was overturned. I can’t even rip a mango joule anymore! I hang on to one thread during these chaotic times, and that thread is Dunkin’. But even the beloved pitcher of iced coffee isn’t spared from this horror show. We are now in a state of Dunkinflation.

today, hahahaha, a friend on Twitter, shared a screenshot of Dunkin’ last request. For one coffee – one cup! – Charged $7.32. To be fair, it was a great latte with oat milk and an extra shot of espresso, but still, what the fuck is that? There shouldn’t be a single Dunkin’ coffee that costs more than $5, you only need the same amount as the federal minimum hourly wage.

This is an issue that has affected Dunkin’ fans across the country, regardless of their rank. “My drink was always under $4, now it always is the least $4,” a friend told me. “Medium oat milk coffee and two rolls cost $8.79 now, up from $5.60,” another laments—a 57 percent price increase.

in january, Mashable You mentioned that these price increases were a hot topic of conversation on the Dunkin’ subreddit. They wrote, “According to a Reddit thread four months ago, a medium, single-flavor iced coffee that typically cost $2.88 now costs some customers $3.45.” “The prices continue to rise, with another reviewer noting that Dunkin’ oat milk iced latte has now gone up to $5.98—which they note is closer to the price of coffee sold at Starbucks than at Dunkin’.”

While Dunkin’ prices vary by location, Mashable They noted that they jumped eight percent in 2021, possibly due to transportation issues and labor shortages. Now, with the problem of inflation getting worse, that number is likely to rise even higher. It’s for all coffee places, of course – the cost of a cup of coffee has gone up almost everywhere, not just because of inflation, but because of drought and harsh weather in coffee-producing regions like Brazil.

However, Dunkin’ has not commented on its high prices, so we don’t know exactly how or why it dictates its costs. But even if we did, it would still hurt.

Look, I’m Duncan Stan. I own a custom Dunkin’ baseball cap with my fucking name on it. Part of the reason I’ve always adored the brand, along with my commitment to Massachusetts, is that Dunkin’ is people’s coffee (or, I was). It’s always had a working-class connotation – as I wrote to MEL three years ago, Dunkin’ drinkers have lower household incomes and are less likely to get a college education than Starbucks customers, and there’s also SNL A little bit about how the real Dunkin’ customer is the kind of guy who smokes a half-sig outside the door while wearing a Carhartt jacket. “It’s the only place to get a five dollar meal,” she wrote at the time. Now, I can hardly get a great iced coffee at this price, and God forbid, I want a milk replacement.

Obviously, I’ll continue to drink Dunkin’ – I’m a horrible addict – but really, there’s just too much humiliation anyone can take. At some point, if this trend continues, I will have to stop going to Dunkin’, not just because I won’t be able to afford it, but as a matter of principle. You can’t do this to people.

Please Dunkin, I beg you: If I have to go through this really stressful era, at least let me do it with an affordable iced coffee on hand.

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