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A new way to enjoy one of our favorite cakes might be your new favorite afternoon tea!

Mr. Donut is good enough on its own, but who doesn’t love a lightly elevated snack? The donut giant himself has worked hard to use its donuts in new ways, like serving Mister Donut Burgers, and even came up with original recipes for customers to try at home, like the Agedashi Donuts we tried that day. These recipes are hosted on their official website, where we also found our most recent experience: Donuts de la Mode.

This recipe combines Mr. Donut French cruller donut with whipped cream, maraschino cherry and burin pudding cup. To make a very beautiful dessert that looks absolutely delicious. You can use any type of pudding you like, but we recommend it Glyco Pusheen Purine Because it’s the perfect size for a French chef. Also, whipped cream in cans distributes the portion you want more easily, and makes it look pretty, so we recommend that too.

The first step is Cut the French cup in half like bread. We found a cooking knife more useful than a dinner knife; Cuts cleaner and doesn’t cause the donut to crumble.

To prepare for the next steps, be sure to Use a very flat plate. Half of the French cook should not be tilted at all. This is critical! We work here using highly sensitive materials.

Once the donut is set correctly, gently squeeze the pudding out of the cup and over the cake…

Swirl on some whipped cream…

And very calmly, put cherries on top of it.

Finally, use the second half of the donut as a garnish. Don’t try to make it a sandwich – not yet anyway. You will spoil your presentation. For now, lean to the side like a bouffant hat.

And voila! is over!

The candy was the perfect size for the French croissant, so the donut gave it the kind of textured edge that was really nice. With the addition of whipped cream and cherries on top, It looked like a pretty retro candy!

How do you eat it? This will likely be up to you. In our opinion, the best way is to eat dessert first. By the time it loses its shape, the donut will have absorbed some of the delicious caramel and milk pudding flavors, at which point it’s ready to make a sandwich.

And in terms of flavor, well, let’s just say that Pudding and French go together like ice cream and cone. Especially the caramel topping the burin. When he merges with the French tough…mm!! Now this is a nutritional development that we can get behind.

Now… how can we make this better? Uh I know! We have to toast the donut halves in a sandwich press first!!

Source: Mr. Donut
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