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The Alameda County Fairgrounds brimming with jubilant visitors as the annual Pleasanton fair heads toward its closing weekend.

Since the fair launched on June 17, families, couples, and teens alike have visited the fair’s first summer fair in three years due to the pandemic, enjoying all the attractions it had to offer.

The 2022 Expo themed “Road to Summer” features an exciting array of carnival rides, concert shows, horse racing, drone shows, food and other attractions.

Dale Corpus with his wife and son went to the show last week, snapping a family photo in front of the popular “That Summer” photoshoot banner. “We had a blast,” Corpus told The Weekly.

The longer-line rides this year were the show’s most exciting: Thrill-seekers tested their stomachs on the upside-down turbo, blasted off the trails on the Zillerator Coaster and plummeted 90 feet on the Super Shot Drop tower.

As they roam the grounds, fair-goers can chew a mountain plate of crunchy French fries, snack on delicate cotton candy pastels or lick off vanilla-filled ice cream cones. For Jessica Nguyen, the giant turkey leg was the most fun to eat.

At the Great American Petting Zoo, visitors shield ice cream waffle cones from hungry goats and pigs—to the dismay of the animals—and children shriek with glee as they beat the creatures.

Resident Hallie Butters said she enjoyed recreating her childhood photo of her 4-year-old feeding cow’s milk from a bottle, this time making delicious little treats to a group of goats.

For high school sweethearts Brittany and Brandon Pattiate, their visit with their boys to the Alameda County Fair was filled with nostalgia. “Nineteen summers ago, Brandon asked me to be his girlfriend in this barn at the Alameda County Fair, and today we showed our animals to our children here,” said Brittany Battiat.

Many Pleasanton residents also brought their parents to the fair for a day out. Julia Murtagh spent her “wonderful” father’s day at the show with her dad, and enjoyed horse races with her best friends.

Erin Haslinger took his mother to the show and Stanford Bow. “It’s been great like every year,” Haslinger said.

As part of its Fourth of July weekend festivities, the fairgrounds put on a dazzling fireworks display high in the sky of Pleasanton last Friday night, as visitors thronged to seats at the Stella Artois Grandstand.

Joanna He, Hana Min, Eli Ching, and Emily Yang watched the fireworks display together on a large picnic blanket. They all just graduated from Amador Valley High School and wanted to hang out together at the fair before soon heading off to different colleges.

As the county fair celebrates the closing weekend of summer fun and memorable highlights from Friday through Sunday, visitors can expect even more entertainment as horse racing, drone shows, and a cattle auction for youngsters continue on the final day.

This past weekend, families can also look forward to rolling out their blankets and watching kid-friendly movies airing at 6 p.m., including new and old favorites “Wreck-It-Ralph,” “Rise of the Guardians,” and “Encanto.” “.

The Big O Tires concert series will also host three more shows, featuring a diverse series of popular artists as the show kicks off in the 2022 season: Friday Night Con Funk Shun, widely known as the voice of R&B Sonic; Bonfire, AC/DC Saturday’s tribute group, for performing the rock band’s greatest hits made famous by lead singers Bon Scott and Brian Johnson; And Mexican music powerhouse Banda Machos on Sunday, a group hailed as having paved the way for La Quebradita’s style of dance music.

For tickets and a full schedule of events, visit the fair’s website at Annual.alamedacountyfair.com.

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