Weekend Special: 5 Kolkata Bars To Relax

Finally, it is Friday and we are anxiously awaiting the end of the day. Once the clock strikes 5 pm on Friday, we quickly finish all our work and get ready to plan the weekend. While some like to relax at home with family, some of us meet friends and party vigorously. Either way, food and drink remain popular. We can’t think of a weekend without some misguided indulgences. the correct? Hence, for the one who loves hopping into pubs, bars and restaurants, we have picked some of our favorite restaurants from Kolkata to try. Each of these bars offers the perfect combination of food, drinks and ambiance, creating a space for you to unwind during the weekends. take a look.

Here are 5 restaurants in Kolkata that serve good food and drinks:

Warehouse Café, Kolkata – NDTV Food Recommendation

The famous ‘Warehouse Café’ in Delhi has recently made its way to the ‘City of Joy’. With good food, relaxed drinks and a great ambiance, the joint has been winning hearts since its launch in May 2022. It is a high-energy restaurant, offering a fusion of all things iconic, inspired by antiquity and the aura of a warehouse. Speaking of the space, restaurateur Amit Bagoria (who brought Kolkata’s Warehouse Café) said, “With 22 feet of stunning interiors, a 30-foot bar, and live performances by accomplished artists, we’ve created a space that preserves today’s urban flair and lifestyle in consideration.” This is not all. It has an extensive list to offer.

From North Indian dal makhani and butter chicken to Italian pasta and Asian dim sum – the brand offers it all to keep customers satisfied. We suggest you try broccoli, boss and tandoori dimsum, along with a delicious glass of cocktail and relax! We had ‘Warehouse Gin Sour’ and ‘Delhi 6’ and both were very tasty. You can go for concoctions of your choice – tell your preference for the tender bar and he will help you choose the right one.

Address: Warehouse Cafe Kolkata, South City Mall, 4th Floor

Cost for two: 1200+ (without alcohol) and 2400+ (with alcohol)

Timings: noon – midnight

Image source: In Picture: Delhi6 Cocktail

M Bar Kitchen & Cocktails – NDTV Food Recommendation

If you are someone who loves to experiment with food and drinks, we suggest that M Bar is just the right place for you. Located at the Park Street side, this place offers you a space where a fine dining restaurant meets a great nightlife. With its new avatar (relaunched at the end of May 2022), M Bar attempts to turn the concept of fine dining into a pleasurable dining experience. Talking about the same, M Bar co-founder Aditya Mehta explains, “Fun, provocative and unassumingly sexy, M-Bar is where gourmet cuisine meets nightclub, where refined palate marries great taste in music, as nights get wilder and better with… Approaching the clock and where the taste of good time lingers long after you’ve rested your feet from a long night of tapping.”

We highly recommend trying the neon fuchka (a unique take on popular street food), mushroom and goat cheese ravioli, and some Korean chicken fingers with a cocktail of your choice. We went for an impromptu gin based cocktail that the bartender devised as per preference. You should try the same!

Address: M Bar Kitchen & Cocktails, 24, Park Street, Kolkata – 16

Cost for two – 1500+ (without alcohol) and 2000+ (with alcohol)

Timings: Monday, Tuesday – 6pm to 12pm

From Wednesday to Saturday – from 6 pm to 2 am

Sunday – 6pm to 1am


Image source: In Picture: Neon Phuchka

Other places you can try are:

LMNO_Q Skybar:

Looking for a rooftop hangout? LMNO_Q is the space just for you. Spread over 8000 square feet, it is a 150-seat space (including both outdoor and indoor) that pleases diners with delicious food and unique drinks. Masterfully organized by the magical hands of Chef Arif Ahmed and Consultant Chef Amit Puri, this place serves international cuisine with a variety of options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Some of the specials include classic bruschetta, mazdar mushrooms, thai curry, murgh makani and others. This is not all. You must try their signature alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks curated by the famous mixed specialist Shatpe Basu.

Address: 24 Park Street, Magma Building, 12th Floor

Cost for two: 1200+ (without alcohol) and 2000+ (with alcohol)

Timings: Monday to Sunday, 12 noon to 10:30 pm (currently)


One of the latest additions to Kolkata nightlife, Eddy’s is a lounge that gives an Eastern European impression. It is divided into two parts – the outdoor seating comes with greenery, while the indoor area is more focused on food and drink. Besides a good selection of alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, it offers an extensive menu covering cuisines including Indian, Italian and Asian.

Address: E2/4 GP Block, Sector V

Cost for two: 800-1000+ (without alcohol) and 1600-2000+ (with alcohol)

Timing: 12 AM – 12 PM


The à la carte menu at this 165 seat restaurant is what caught our eye. From a large selection of soups, salads and sandwiches to a healthy main course including pizzas, tandoori items and more, this place has it all. And how can we miss the modern bar specially designed! It is well stocked with high quality spirits, beer, sangria, cocktails and specially curated mocktails. Top of all is the ambiance and hospitality. This space is lively and lively and provides an ideal relaxation option.

Address: The Fort, Knox Mall 4th floor, 6, Camac St, Elgin

Cost for two: 800-1000+ (without alcohol) and 1600-2000+ (with alcohol)

Timings: Monday to Sunday, 12 noon to 10 pm

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