Welcome Eid Al Adha with these delicious sweets from Sugargram including cakes, chocolates, mini sweets and more!

Eid is approaching, and what better way to celebrate than with Dubai’s favorite little sweet treat from Sugargram! Bring the family together for a feast with the best sweet treats available including the Sugargram City Feast Betty Box, Feast Cake, Feast Chocolate Wrappers, and the all-new Knee Cake, all available on Deliveroo, Talabat and Chatfood.

Eid Mubarak from the Sugar Gram family! Share the joy of Eid with this Eid sweets collection from Sugargram. This month’s Eid-y Bitty Cupcake City comes with a cute design of a fluffy little lamb to celebrate Eid! Not only do our cupcakes have a new box, but they also welcome a whole new flavor of the month! Introducing Fresh Minty Fiona, it’s our favorite classic cupcake ice cream flavor, a morsel of mint and the delight of chocolate chips! Along with our green sister, Mint, we have box of cupcake regulars including Judy’s Fudge (Triple Chocolate); Jennifer Applestone (Apple Crumble); David Rainbow (Tie-Dye Swirl); Love, Rosie (Rose and Nutella); Mrs. Weasley (red velvet and cream cheese); Sasha Specklos (lotus biscuits); Oriona Grande (cookies and cream). This bite-sized meal is available either in a box of 25 at Dh135, or a box of 50 at Dh300.

Now let’s get to the big news, this Eid our delicious, creamy, chocolatey, delicious new Mu-Baaah feast! – Rak cake to bring the family together. For just AED 225, Sugarfam can get you this big surprise, perfect for a big gathering. For a party one, especially those who prefer to have a treat themselves, Sugargram also brings a holiday cake(y) for the occasion! Break through the hard chocolate crust, and enjoy the sweet flavors of this delicious cake for only 55 dirhams. Last but not least, and back again this Eid al-Adha, Sugar Gram is individually packaged Chocolate Bars specially made to serve sun-filled pocket candy in box envelopes, perfect for giving money and a sweet treat to friends and family at the same time. This delicious Chocolate Feast A quality bar made from the softest milk chocolate, giving it the richest flavor and velvety texture, all for just AED 35.

Baaah! More than an ordinary sweet shop, Sugargram is full of options to have it delivered to your doorstep this Eid Al Adha. From mini cupcakes to chocolates, a cake for one, and a whole cake that looks like a little lamb you’ve ever seen, treat your family and guests to some of the best desserts in town these holidays. Order your Eid meals through Deliveroo, Chatfood or Talabat.

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