What a brutality: The messy way of cutting a sandwich annoys Reddit users

There are some debates that foodies on social media never tire of discussing. Recently, the online community has been divided over the stark difference between ordering Zomato bills versus direct ordering from a restaurant. Later, the delivery app responded to the questions saying it was a matter of restaurant policy. Before that, Reddit users debated whether or not to ask restaurant chefs about their recipes. There have been arguments for and against this discussion. And now, another post on Reddit has caused a rift online. One Reddit user shared her method for slicing a sandwich into pieces – and that left Reddit users pretty annoyed. take a look:

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The post was shared on Reddit by user u/Melly-The-Elephant in the Reddit r/CasualUK subsection. It garnered a lot of attention on social media, which left users divided. In the flick, we can see that the sandwich has been cut into six pieces instead of four. A diagonal line was drawn from the upper left corner, followed by three smaller diagonal lines that intersect with it. This gave six pieces of sandwich, but each was of a different shape and size.

A Reddit user defended her method for cutting a sandwich. She revealed that she started cutting sandwiches like this about a year ago. “Whenever I see a sandwich share in this branch, I think ‘I should show them my way’ and then immediately forget. Finally, I remembered to take a picture before the fun devours,” she said, adding that this method of slicing the sandwich resulted in smaller pieces and seemed to somehow increase the amount The sandwiches I got. “Having them like this to work in smaller portions means I don’t have hamster cheeks if I have to connect with people. It definitely feels like more of a sandwich,” she wrote on Reddit.

The messy way of slicing a sandwich got a chain reaction on Reddit. Some people felt it could be tried and it wasn’t a bad idea. Others questioned her, described her as brutal, and found her very disturbing.

Take a look at the best reactions on Reddit:

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