What are you cooking this week

good morning. What a gift for a Sunday meal before a national holiday, if you’re lucky enough not to work. Monday for cooking and family, for real and figurative fireworks. Sunday to you.

I could spend it making chili or fried chicken. I can spend it reviving kombucha or making yogurt for the next week. I’d like to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with ras el hanout (above) too, or a raspberry, almond, and lemon cake. But today I might actually use it to put together a wonderful cabbage salad they used at Mission Chinese Food in New York. Doing this one night in the week inevitably makes me feel bad. But on a lazy, horror-free Sunday? It is a pleasure to make and a thrill to consume.

The reduction in ginger and coconut milk that coats this vegan dinner of crunchy tofu with cashews and snap peas gets an extra boost of soy sauce and a bit of molasses, for caramel and gloss alike. You can substitute snow peas or asparagus for peas if you can’t find any; Served with rice. Very well.

Here’s a cold pasta salad with spicy peanut sauce perfect for midweek: buckwheat noodles, a load of crunchy fresh veggies and a super-adaptive dressing. Will you have some leftover chicken or pork from the holiday? Tear off that top and hit the salad with a little lemon juice.

You’re probably going to eat, like, two really perfect peaches this year, and I doubt one of them will come this week where most of us are staying. What’s great about this recipe for grilled chicken thighs with peaches, basil, and ginger is that you can use hard plums from the market. Grill in a juicer next to the thighs. One of our subscribers described it as “a delicious, elegant, and easy summer dish.” This is correct!

And then you can go into the weekend with this great cheesy pizza recipe, at least if you can take the time on Wednesday or Thursday to make the dough. (Accept that you chose pizza as a way of life, and it wouldn’t be a chore.)

There are several thousand recipes to cook this week waiting for you in New York Times Cooking. As I think you have been notified, you need a subscription to access it. Subscriptions support our work and allow it to continue. I hope, if you haven’t already, you’ll consider signing up today. Thanks.

We’re here if you get stuck with it: [email protected] Or you can write to me if you want to shoot an arrow or offer an apple: [email protected] I read every message sent.

Conversely, Sayaka Murata’s short story collection, “The Ceremony of Life,” contains plenty of food and eating, albeit kind of particularly gruesome and offending, as Dwight Garner points out in his review of the book in The Times.

Debate: “The 25 Most Important New York City Novels of the Past 100 Years” by T Magazine. (What, no “vanity fire”?)

Finally, it’s Audra McDonald’s birthday. She is 52 years old. Here she is 10 years ago singing “Maybe this time” from “Cabaret”. Enjoy it, I’ll probably bake her a cake, and I’ll be back on Monday.

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